A year and a half ago God told me to get out of the Navy and run for Congress, He didn't say I'd win.

What has become clear to me is that He did bring me out of the Navy for a purpose: to help fight for Liberty.

My campaign showed me how fractured the Conservative community is. The left seems to come together around the table of, "the government can do this for me." The question I tasked myself with solving and providing a solution to is, "What is it that prevents Conservatives from gathering around the table of individual Liberty?"

The Answer: Time

The Solution: Project Forty-Six

How does the solution work? By providing a centralized-platform to address these two items:

1. Local Organization / Engagement

We have all borne witness to the left-leaning social media platforms' censorship. While we are seeing the rise of free-speech platforms (e.g. Parler) and Conservative Media outlets (e.g. Daily Wire, OANN, etc.), we are not seeing a platform that deals with saving you time and allowing Conservatives to organize.

Project Forty-Six aims to provide free digital services that will assist Conservatives with organizing at the grassroots level.

Currently, anyone involved in grassroots politics at the local level is an unpaid volunteer. They dedicate their time and resources, often with little to no assistance from the Republican Party.

Most Republicans are hardworking individuals that will sacrifice their time to an issue they hold dear (e.g. Second Amendment Club, Pro-Life Group, etc.). However, there is nothing set in place to provide cross-pollination of various Conservative groups or to aid local leaders with limited time.

2. Digital Media Services

In today's environment, the ability to generate quality video content has become increasingly less expensive. However, many content providers (local Republican groups, etc) are primarily made up of volunteers without the time or resources to create content to refine and focus their message.

We will provide a near-hands-free capability for Political Content Providers (PCPs) and Nonprofits (NGOs) the ability to create no-cost digital messages (e.g., Podcasts, Webcasts, and Videos (PWV)). The PWV will be uploaded to the platform for consumption by subscribers.

By providing various Conservative organizations, at a local level, with media creation and a Zoom integrated platform, to host their meetings, we can help them extend their outreach.