Hi, Daniel here,

Thank you for stopping by to check out our GiveSendGo page for Project Matilda

It was December 2021 and we could see the censorship amongst the mainstream news, social media and video streaming platforms. Big tech was censoring people left, right, and centre who didn't align with their views.

After some thought and planning, it was time Australia had their free speech network. A network in which people can express their views, and speak freely once again.

Over the last year and a half, I have been busy building, learning the code, designing, preparing, and expanding everything to do with Project Matilda. Everything has been created by just one person, me, the entire lot. Many many sleepless nights and thousands of hours have gone into getting the platforms where they are today, design-wise and with its functionality. I have had zero coding experience prior to Project Matilda so everything you see is self-taught, all of it.

We currently run 3 websites, a live stream server which was built 100% by us, and a Telegram channel.

Our sites are as follows:

    Social media platform - Project Matilda - projectmatilda.com
    Video sharing platform - Project Matilda TV - tv.projectmatilda.com
    News platform - Project Matilda News - news.projectmatilda.com
    And last but not least, our live-streaming server

Our Goals:
Currently, our servers are hosted remotely either on virtual servers or physical servers, which could be taken down at any time by our providers if they do not agree with our advocation for 'free speech'. Our main objective is to upscale the entire business, purchase our own physical servers and have them hosted in a local data centre.

Along with this comes a lot of setup costs. These include:

    Purchase of our very own servers
    Hire developers/IT staff to further fix bugs in the code and set up brand-new servers
    Lawyer costs
    Migration to a data centre
    Hiring of rack space within the data centre
    Update the business model to increase revenue to ensure the business stays afloat
    Advertising costs
    Plus other unforeseen costs

We need to get to a point where we host our own servers (Like GAB) and no one can take us down just because of their alternative views. This alone is very expensive to setup. I have done a majority of the work setting/coding it up.

There is so much one can do with limited experience. We need to move to the next level with external help to progress our goals, the business and to ensure your voices are always heard.

Please support us with our vision we have for Project Matilda