Prishas Advocacy and Legal Case

Campaign Created by: Prisha Mosley

The funds from this campaign will be received by Charlie Mosley.

Raised: USD $ 17,377


This fundraiser was previously for my breast reconstruction. Although that is still a goal, I have decided that my advocacy and raising money in order to continue my advocacy and to pursue my legal case. 

I have recently filed by lawsuit, a 53 page complaint against the doctors who began a gender transition on me starting at age 16. I ended up on high doses of testosterone and losing my breasts. I suffer with the consequences of these doctors actions to this day.

I travel the country to testify for bills which mean to ban minors from accessing "gender affirming care" which left me mutilated and most likely sterile. 

Along the way, I am still looking for doctors willing to help me, and I am in debt from healthcare I've needed due to my transition. 

Please donate so that I can continue to work towards ending the gender industry in America!


Update #1
March 15, 2023
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This is turning into a general health donation place. I have to work out the rest of my health and escape debt before I can even consider my breasts reconstruction. 

I feel hopeless about getting it. All of the money is falling into the pit, but I am praying I find a doctor who can help me. In the meantime, this money is being used to pay for doctors visits where I am rejected, blood work, psychiatric medicine, vitamins, supplements and herbs to help balance my hormones, lazer hair removal, therapy, and more. 

Detransitioning is very costly. My health is failing. 


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