Our straightforward plan: isolate transformers to avoid monkey electrocutions. After discussions with SIBU, IAR, and ICE, which are organizations that've been supporting this problem all these years, they all agree there is a larger issue: non-isolated electricity transformers.

Living in Nosara means enjoying the regular sight and sounds of playful howler monkeys right outside our homes. It's one of the many beautiful things we all cherish about this paradise we call home. In Section L, we have a healthy monkey wildlife but unfortunately, we had experience awful monkey electrocutions that pushed us to find a long-term solution.

Along with the support of IAR, SIBU and ICE, we aim to isolate high-risk transformers in Section L to start, (14 transformers, data received by IAR), requiring $10,500 for materials, installation, and platform fees.

We're launching a time-limited fundraising effort to kick off the initiative hopefully in February 2024.

Looking ahead, we aim to create a step by step document with direct contacts for other sections to replicate this solution; as well to educate new investors in the area about the importance of installing isolated transformers when building.

Preserving Nosara's wildlife is a cause worth rallying for. Join our fundraising campaign and let's make it a reality together!