Do you know that electrocution is the leading cause of death of howler monkeys in Nosara?

Our straightforward plan: insulate transformers to avoid monkey electrocutions. After discussions with Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary, International Animal Rescue (IAR) and ICE, we understand that the only way to protect monkeys from this terrible fate is to purchase and install insulating hardware.

Living in Nosara means enjoying the regular sights and sounds of playful howler monkeys right outside our homes. It's one of the many beautiful things we cherish about this paradise we call home. In Section L, we have a healthy monkey population but, unfortunately, we have witnessed the horror of multiple monkey electrocutions, which pushes us to find a long-term solution.

Our aim is to insulate high-risk transformers in Section L to start (14 transformers, data received from IAR), requiring $10,500 for materials, installation, and platform fees. This work will not only protect monkeys from electrocution; it will also end the lengthy power outages that usually result when monkeys are electrocuted.

Looking ahead, we aim to create a step-by-step document with direct contacts for other Nosara neighborhoods to replicate this solution; as well to educate new investors in the area about the importance of installing insulated transformers when building.

Preserving Nosara's wildlife is a cause worth rallying for. Join our fundraising campaign, and help us make safe electrical transformers a reality together!