Prayer Wall

Michael Johnson

Received September 23, 2023

That the vast majority of innocent J6 prisoners will have charges dropped and they can be released to go home !

Linda Wendell

Received September 23, 2023

I have just been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer; please pray for a miracle in regards to my healing and treatment. Thank you.

Jorden Baker

Received September 23, 2023

Hi all. I'm posting for prayers and blessings. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to retire. On top of that, my car stopped working (while we were at a treatment of all things) we are desperate for fundraiser donations please help us raise a quarter of the amount for his treatments! I am heartbroken. Is the fundraiser link here.

Angela Baginski

Received September 23, 2023

My husband was diagnosed with Stage lV colon cancer in April. It has now metastasized into his lungs and brain. He served in the Gulf War and when looking at the Dessert Storm list of what our men have gone through as a result, my husband fits so many of the things on that list, including cancer of the stomach and brain. I’m anxious and worried about our future and finances as Steve has been the sole provider for our family. Thank you for battling with us in prayer for healing , wholeness and provision… but most of all for God’s will in our journey! It’s been emotionally and physically overwhelming as well as a daily fight for his life! Abundant blessings and continued shalom for your ministry!

Cathi Crooks

Received September 23, 2023

God is so faithful through his faithful people!!! We are grateful and relieved to have reached our fundraising goal and that ALL expenses related to our project have been paid in full and on time!!! He is the God of the Impossible for sure!!! And young people's lives in northern Mozambique continue to be effected and changed by his powerful love!!! All glory, honor and praise to you Lord Jesus!


Received September 23, 2023

After God called me to run, I was elected to the Newberg (OR) City Council. Plrasr pray for God's wisdom, discretion, knowledge and insights as I study, learn and express my/God's thoughts at City Council meetings. Thank you so very much! Peggy

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