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Emmanuel Tan

Received April 19, 2024

I am from Cameroon an internally displaced person from the ongoing anglophone crisis in Cameroon,I lost my parents and nephew shot death and I am presently squatting in a neigbouring town ,my kid sister is suffering from diabetic ulcer that needs urgent treatment and my two other siblings can't go to school, I don't have anyone to help us nor a job

Colleen buck

Received April 18, 2024

I pray the Holy Spirit provides me with confidence to speak the whole truth in the court trials that are coming,. I need your help Jesus. Amen

Chris Kearney

Received April 16, 2024

Please pray for me to find a good job so I can back onto my feet, iam currently homeless and anything helps! Thankyou very much! GodBless!

Francisca Gomez

Received April 16, 2024

Please pray for my little family that the Lord opens new doors and help me find a new place to move. I’m behind this month rent please pray for us.

Trenton Davis

Received April 16, 2024

Hello I was hoping you guys can come together and help me raise money I don’t have social media or anyone in my family that has money my campaign is brain tumor please and thank you

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