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Received June 19, 2022

Please pray for my brother Stan Stagg. He has been battling squamous cell carcinoma cancer for several years now. He is on his 3rd battle now and recently his tongue had to be removed. He will be on a feeding tube and a trach tube for the rest of his life. He is somehow still hopeful he will get through this. His prognosis is he has 5 to 14 months left to live. He ignores this and is still battling somehow with a positive attitude that he tries to show to hide the pain he endures. He and his wife Pat have a lawn renovation business that has slowly faded away. His life savings has been exhausted and they have resorted to liquidating what is left of his business. Please pray for his pain to go away and their financial burden to be lifted.

Received June 18, 2022

Lord please help those people that stole from me, that they take care of those babys and send me an angel too Lord that I can put my finances back in order.


Received June 18, 2022

My daughter has a rare condition called Nutcracker Syndrome which causes issues with her left kidney specifically and additional issues with blood flow throughout her body. Please pray for peace as she gets ready for surgery next month.

Received June 17, 2022

My husband and I are buying the house we are renting in as the landlord put it up for sale. We are approved for a home loan. But now we do not have a down payment as we are hoping for. We might lose out on buying the house and we have no where to go. Pray for to help us with our decision.

Received June 17, 2022

I pray constantly by day and in order to fall asleep at night. I pray for help, strength, guidance, temporal blessings and the opportunity to lift and strengthen others also, even as I strive to not succumb to my battles. I am barley holding on and need help !!

Received June 16, 2022

That Bronze Serpent Media will be effective in the Lords service.

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