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Received November 10, 2022

Please pray for my sister and brother. My brother, sister as well as myself all have congestive heart failure. Unfortunately, all my siblings and I have some form of heart disease. However, my one sister and my one brother are in worse condition than myself and my other siblings. Please pray for our family. God bless you all.

Received November 10, 2022

Please pray for us. I just feel like I have the worst luck and I keep trying and trying. I need to pay rent which I’m already behind on. My sons birthday is this month and I don’t know how I can afford even a cake. He’s a great kid, respectful and is super simple. He deserves so much more. Amen.

Received November 08, 2022

Please pray for my family and myself to be safe and be moved where we need to be to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We are stuck in Taiwan with an ever declining political situation.

Received November 07, 2022

Dear Heavenly Father, my Daddy, I pray for help with this request to get this fun, seemingly impossible dream of Tinian Treasure Stories, to come to reality and for you to get All the Glory for only you can make this happen through Your people Lord. I know that. I am Your humble servant that you have placed this Grand Vision into, may it be completed and used to Praise You Abba Father. Our Great I Am. Lovingly, Your daughter, we pray this in the Mighty Name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen

Received November 07, 2022

Please Pray for me and my sons. I'm out of work. we are hardly getting by. PLEASE PRAY.

Received November 05, 2022

Praise God. Finally have a chance of an apartment. God bringing me through day by day. Still praying for finances for deposit. God is Able.

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