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gregory king

Received August 28, 2023

I recently lost my beloved wife of 20 years and have four teen daughters to take care of alone please pray for my family that things will get better it’s really tough trying to deal with not having that other person there when we wake up please pray to give me strength to cope with this from day to day..

Linda Jacinto

Received August 28, 2023

Please pray for our kid’s home and Bible school in the Philippines. The needs are great at this time and my husband and I are in the states for his cancer treatments which means I have less time to raise funds for the kid’s home especially. I need a very good media person to help me since I am very “technically challenged”. The home is Still Waters Kid’s Hme and the school is Asia Center for Biblical Studies. Thanks for your prayers.

Carla Long

Received August 28, 2023

I need all prayer warriors to give, pray and share as He leads. I am being called to go out and need at least the booking fee. My mission is to spark His fire and wake His lions. At the same time this calling happened, the day after He confirmed my calling my dad gell and now has been told he has little time. His timing is unique and as you can imagine, being pulled 2 ways is difficult. The amt asked for is for the entire 3 yr journey into the world, needed immediately is the booking for this journey.

Kym Condon

Received August 28, 2023

We thank the good Lord above for opening one door as he closes another. We weren't sure what we were going to do with our business after the Government crushed us with the boot on the Neck but God is Good. This is in God's hands now! Praise The Lord!

Crystal Erickson

Received August 28, 2023

Medical emergency Aurora was airlifted to the pediatric ICU. She is in an induced coma, septic, sugar were 1000, is now type 1 diabetic. Today she developed Pneumonia. It's truly heart breaking. please give to the campaign,if you can't give share it. Please keep praying for her, and her family. Thank you if God is with us who can be against us??


Received August 26, 2023

GOD IS GOOD! My dog and I survived the week of extreme heat and humidity, with temps reaching 109 combined with 89% humidity, while living in our van that has no AC. It was an intense trial, but I sensed God had a purpose in it, so I prayed for strength and protection and persevered, (instead of praying for deliverance). Thank you to those who prayed for us. We made it to the other breezes and 70's today! Hallelujah! Phillipians 4:13

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