Prayer Wall

Karen Walker

Received September 05, 2023

I pray that I can get the donations needed so that my husband and I don't become homeless and that the Dr's find out what is wrong with my husband and he is healed. In Jesus name I pray, Amen

LeVon Chapman

Received September 05, 2023

Hello! I'm a retired, disabled, ex-military Great Grandmother who have really been through some tests this past couple of years. Sometimes I feel that I cannot go on, but I have to for my granddaughter that I'm raising. I have a campaign here on's found at if you'd like to view it. Please pray for me that I can finally be able to have a bed to sleep in. I've been sleeping on a sofa for over a year and a half now and it's beginning to create even more health issues for me, as I've now been diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff on my left degenerative back issue continues to cause me even more pain because of the way that I've been sleeping. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Keri Hicks

Received September 05, 2023

I praise God for strength. I praise God for courage I praise God for hope For the faith is what Maui needs Growing with the guidance from Erik's family has helped me get connections for many families to help this sacred island. I praise you God to keep growing everyone's faith and to shine bright, when needing a light for our path. I Praise you God For we need you to keep the fight for survival alive.

LaRayne Gay

Received September 05, 2023

Lord, please hear our petitions and cries, forgive our sins and heal our land.


Received September 04, 2023

I have been searching for funds but have not had any success. And my situation is still not any better though it has lessened. If I had a guarantor, I would have gone for a loan though being indebted to someone is not an something I would wish for , So please consider helping me in prayer so that God would send help across me . Thank you

Steven Hardin

Received September 04, 2023

I pray for any prayers I can get any prayers for my family and I for our health helping us stay together helping keep the business moving so we can have the family life that we have wanted and for me to have the chance to carry out my intentions I will always take any prayer or blessings I can get please pray for us

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