Prayer Wall

Dawna M

Received April 12, 2024

I have had many challenges to overcome the past several months and have overcome each obstacle with God's help. Yesterday I lost my job without cause and now am actively looking for work again. I've never had a verbal reprimand or a write up and was caught completely by surprise when this occurred. Prayer for continued strength as I know this is spiritual, and that a good job opportunity opens up soon. My faith is growing stronger everytime something happens. The enemy is really ticked off right now because I'm not letting this situation bring me down. I know God is a big God and that he is bigger than any situation or obstacles that we may encounter. My faith in Christ is what keeps me going and I will continue to persevere.

Autumn Bacon

Received April 12, 2024

That me and my sons get my car on the road, I get a job and am able to save up and get a place so we no longer have to live here with him doing the same things we already have had to live through. For the ptsd to subside and the dreams to no longer be a every night episode of the reason why I am here

Denise Shouse

Received April 11, 2024

Prayers still needed for my daughter, Stephanie, and her son, Alex, who is autistic. They have had some setbacks, which prompted my friend, Kellie Moore, to open a fund for them. They have received some money, and are very appreciative, but they still need about $675 to get daughters up on rent and electric bill. Please pray that willing vessels can help them. Thanks and Lord bless you all!!!

Victoria Mead

Received April 11, 2024

Prayer for myself and my husband . For God to be the center of marriage and ministry. That our lives be filed with the Holy Spirit. Deliverance from anything hindering our marriage and ministry from flourishing. Gods favor in our marriage and ministry. For our worship ministry be anointed by HIM. For the vision that he blessed me with with to come to full fruition here on earth. For HIS favor with finances, provision be applied to my life here on earth. My daughter to be delivered from addictions, for our granddaughter to be blessed, favored by God with no generational family curses. To allow the ministry to flourish in every area

Ed McCray

Received April 11, 2024

Praying we locate a copy of Walt Disney's 1949 Guideposts article on his Christian faith and that more people found our campaign Rediscovering Walt Disney and donate so we can chronicle the truth about the man that the woke company with his name wants us to forget.

Lissette Mercado

Received April 11, 2024

Please pray for me I'm behind on my bills and car payment, school bill. Its been getting really slow at work. I can't seem to catch up. I need help please pray for me.

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