You've likely seen images of people forced to receive an injection of an experimental substance as a condition of employment.

Here's a question:  did you ever think such a scene would be repeated at a facility where people are maintaining the nuclear weapons that keep our country safe and protect our constitutional republic?

Perhaps you did.

And perhaps we all should, since every employee in every business across the country, at some point, may face the choice of forfeiting their God-given and Constitutional rights to bodily autonomy and freedom to put food on the table for their families.

We are drawing the line here and now. 

And we need your prayers, your words of support in sharing our fundraising campaign with others, and if you are guided in spirit and conscience, the blessings of your financial support.

We are standing up and fighting back against these unlawful and unconstitutional mandates that are coming from a federal government that we can no longer recognize as resembling any we've ever experienced in our lifetimes.

Waging battle to defend our individual liberty in the federal courts is costly because it requires a high level of legal expertise.  We have secured one of the best faith-filled and God-loving legal teams in the country with over eight decades' experience protecting individuals' rights against government overreach.

So please be confident that any donations you and your friends and loved ones might make will be put to the absolute best use.

Finally, we know the leaders of the companies we will be taking legal actions against.  The leaders of these companies are honorable men and women who have served their country's national security needs for decades.

They are our friends.  Our neighborsWe go to church with them.

In the best of all worlds, we would be joined together in this fight to defend all of our individual rights and liberties. 

We will never malign or insult our friends. 

We cannot know what is in their hearts or their minds.  We only know that they have been good, honorable, and faithful servants to America's national security.

We pray for all our national and corporate leaders that God will guide their hearts to do what is right to restore the individual rights of the people who serve them daily.

God Bless the United States of America.

Your Faithful Pantexans.