For over 25 years, the P.O.W. Network has been paying tribute to our veterans and active duty military while celebrating freedom Nov 5-11 annually, during the Veterans Homecoming Celebration in Branson, Missouri.

We host the Annual Military Banquet & Gala in Branson, MO and multiple other events during the week. The Gala is the most formal event held during the Branson Veterans Homecoming Week – November 5-11 every year.  The event is the longest running military salute in Branson, the public and veteran’s families are welcome.

We honor all that served - and without your help – these events cannot remain free for our veterans:  Opening Ceremonies and Show, Vietnam Reunion, Home Front Heroes (Spouses) Tribute, POW/MIA Service of Remembrance, WWII and Korean War Reunion. 

The last couple years with COVID, our fundraising has been difficult.  We make good use of every dime we can collect. No one gets a salary.

In each instance, our volunteers are present – organizing, setup, cleanup, tear down, meet and greet, and entertainment.

We print and distribute thousands of rack cards/ flyers across the country to military bases and at veteran’s reunions. We cover the theater or venue rent and/or pay techs (shows.) We provide the event insurance. We own and provide the Service Flags and U.S. garrison Flag used for events. We decorated and display the POW/MIA White Christmas Tree for Missouri – with dog tags noting each loss with families that awaits their homecoming. We spent all year making centerpieces, and collecting door prizes. We contract for meals and desserts. We provide coffee, paper goods and tablecloths where necessary. Veterans receive military hat pins.

We smile when the vets say they have never been thanked. The hugs bring peace and joy to all. Our hearts ache when we lose a long time attendee.

Then we head home for the holidays, going back to original non-profit  mission of education on our POW/MIAs, maintaining an accurate military history for decades to come. After thirty plus years, thousands of remains are still held in enemy hands, waiting for us to bring them home. We look back with gratitude and awe for what was accomplished in the past year, and prepare for the year ahead.