The ponds at Tonkawa Springs are a wonderful amenity. Many of us see the ponds every day as we drive in/out of the neighborhood, walk our dogs or ride our bikes.

Starting in 2023, much has been done to improve the ponds with the cleanup of brush along the shorelines, the addiiton of aerators in several ponds and the repair of the spillway on pond 4. The beauty of ponds has been noticeably improved! But there's more ...

Some of the ponds are already starting to show the accumulation of algea. The next step is to treat the water. Additional funds are needed to due to a shortfall in neighbor contributions. Therefore, we ask that you continue to contribute to this campaign! Excess funds will be used towards ongoing maintenance of the ponds.

NOTE: The dam/spillway on pond 3 is still a concern. Having said that, the owners on pond 3 have decided to manage it themselves and are not currently requesting help from the neighborhood.

Photo courtesy of Phil Ryals