PLR Importer helps writers focus on writing great articles because it lets them write in the writing tool they are most used to like word or note and not worry about learning how to write in Drupal or even worry about learning anything about Drupal.

Writers will simply save there articles as a plain text document that follows a simple format that looks like this.

The first line of the article is the title. The rest of the page is the article content. Just plain text no with graphics or tables or anything but the article text.

After the writer is done they save their article into a folder that has the name of the topic of the articles it contains. Then they run the folder into a zip file to package it up.

Then they can send that file into the PLR Importer Module in Drupal and it will automatically create the articles in Drupal and tag the article with the name of the folder the articles were saved in. This saves a bunch of time because the articles are processed all at the same time. Then the articles get displayed in the theme of the Drupal site and the fonts and styles are always consistent with the look and feel of the theme. This also is a big time saver for blog editors who purchase PLR Article packs from PLR sites and get 100’s of articles at a time. They can instantly upload that folder into Drupal and it will create all the Article nodes.

If you are interested in learning more, visit our GitHub project page.