K. Joseph Thomas is an independent Christian minister and a happily married father of 4 children. He was arrested in May 2021 and initially given 6 charges surrounding his presence at the Capitol on January 6th. In August, he received 10 federal charges on his official indictment. After rejecting a plea deal the government threw 2 more charges at him totaling 12 (7 felonies, 5 misdemeanors).

  At the Capitol, he did not enter the building, promoted no violence, aided the wounded & protected the defenseless. He did not attack anyone or destroy anything.

  He is a Navy veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) & Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq). Furthermore, he & his family own / operate a local dog rescue. He has been very outspoken online & goes by the name Pi Anon. Like many other Patriots he has since been banned from all major social media platforms. However, this has not slowed him down or quieted his voice for freedom.

  Because "Pi Anon" has a patriotic heart, he started a campaign to support the political prisoners in DC who sing the national anthem together (every night at 9p EST) from their cells. He sings the anthem & posts the videos across social media & would like to see everyone join him and #Sing4Freedom nightly in solidarity. He has pushed this campaign onto the national stage in hopes of bringing awareness to the harsh treatment American citizens are receiving, without trial or conviction, because of their presence at the Capitol that day. He also created Sing4freedom.us for this purpose.

  He has dedicated himself to the fight for justice reform, prison reform & due process rights. Nevertheless, he is the only income for his family. Please find it in your heart to give. Every little bit will help him in this fight against the egregious charges put forth by the Department of Justice, keep the Sing4freedom dream alive for all the other Jan 6 defendants & able his family to survive the onslaught of threats & adversity they endure daily.

Joseph has dedicated his life to fighting for God, his country, his family & your freedom. Can you fight for him?

To submit video for #Sing4Freedom visit Sing4Freedom on Telegram


He has rejected the plea deal from the government & has set a date for trial. His trial will be on Pi day (3/14) 2023. 2 more charges added to his indictment.

The trial was moved to May 2023 because he fired the public defender & hired proper counsel.

The trial completed around May 22nd 2023. The jury began deliberations, but was given a 6 day break due to scheduling conflicts & the memorial day holiday. Deliberations resumed May 30th. 


We just won the best jury verdict of any January 6th case so far. He was found not guilty or there was a mistrial on 5 out of the 12 counts. Joe still needs help covering his legal fees and fees for a very long battle in the appellate courts.