My name is Phill Sacre, and I am a pastor and educator. I am theologically trained and was ordained in the Church of England. However, since 2019, I have not been doing a regular job where you get paid at the end of the month. Instead, the Lord has called me to dedicate my time to him and trust that he will provide!

At the moment, my time is spent on three things:

  • Leading a house church from our own home, with my wife and two young children.
  • An online ministry called "Understand the Bible", producing videos to help people learn the Christian faith.
  • A podcast called "Sacred Musings" which is trying to explore what's happening in the world from a Christian perspective. In particular I have been focussing a lot on the lockdowns and the 'globalist' agenda (for want of a better word).

If you appreciate what I do, then giving will be used to cover our cost of living. I am hoping in time that Understand the Bible will grow and I will be able to draw a regular income from that. But until then, I am trusting that God will provide what we need through these means!