Updated June 29, 2022.

I started this fundraising campaign on December 30, 2021 as a way to try and acquire donations so I can stay on the road with my ministry Pedal Prayers during 2022. On March 27, 2022, I celebrated my 29th year of doing ministry by bicycle around the United States. Since February 19, 1993, I have crossed the United States 17 times, cycled over 291,000 miles (465,000 km), been in every state but Alaska and Hawaii and in three provinces of Canada, helped out after about 62 natural disasters, built and rehabbed homes with the Fuller Center for Housing and Habitat for Humanity, and spoke over 1,630 times at churches .

I feel very strongly that GOD called me out to be his feet and hands (and sometimes mouth) on the road as a living example of James 2: 14-26 and Matthew 25: 31-46. This is why I consider myself as being a "Missionary Servant Evangelist" instead of being a regular evangelist. I used to have a cycling jersey that said "In HIS Draft and Service". The url to my ministry website is http://www.pedalprayers.org and it has been online since 1998. This is only my sixth year of doing online fundraising.

Mission Trip 79 started January 05, 2022 from Frederick, Maryland and ended February  14, 2022 in Cherry Grove Beach, South Carolina. Mission Trip 80 started February  19, 2022 from Cherry Grove Beach, South Carolina. The  first  leg  had  me  cycle  up  the  East  Coast  to Albany, NY through  New  York  City,  NY. Currently, I am in Upstate New York and heading West to Cleveland, Ohio I  am looking at being on the road for at least six more months this year.

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I haven't had many chances to speak at churches along the way but this hasn't stopped me from giving counseling, food assistance, and prayer support to the people who I meet along with being a silent witness to the thousands of motorists who are on the same highways with me through the signage at the back of "Allison" (my short-wheelbase touring recumbent). I will update this campaign as often as I can by updating this message. God Bless all the donors to this campaign.

Thank you in advance.

In HIS Draft and Service,
Rev Hans (the Cycling Rev)