Pauline Bauer, a resident of Kane, PA and small business owner of  "Bob's Trading Post" restaurant, attended the "Stop The Steal" rally in Washington DC along with thousands of other patriots on January 6, 2021 to voice her grievances to the tyrannical outreach of our government and to restore our Constitutional Republic back to the American people.

As a result of the events of that day she has since been arrested and is now being indefinitely detained in the Washington DC Jail awaiting trial.

Since her detainment at the jail in Washington DC, her sister has relocated and continues to help operate the restaurant to keep it going in her absence - something that continues to take a toll on all family and friends.  Pauline has received numerous death threats, been slandered by the media and has had her reputation tarnished in her small town.  She has never been in trouble with the law and has been a pillar in her community.

Her family has asked us here at E.O.J.L. (Equity of Justice League, Inc) to assist in helping the family to find legal representation for Pauline - that will actively fight for her against these charges that could carry a 20+ year sentence.

Together, we are asking for the support of Americans throughout this great nation to pray for Pauline, encourage her through messages and letters, and - if able - to please donate to this fundraiser.  Every dollar raised will go towards the cost of retaining a lawyer, and any other expenses related to charges she is facing.  Thank you to everyone who can contribute on her behalf - may God Bless each and every one!