Pastor Jorge planted his church the same week that Hurrican Maria hit his city. He has spent the last few years repairing roofs, homes, and hunting down basic things that people in his city need. Most of the peopel in his city are improvished and he has trusted in God to provide their every need. In his whole time of serving he has asked for nothing for his own church and recently when visiting him he shared that they need to build a stage in their new church so they can accomodate more people and families for public worship. Our team will be traveling down the Summer fo 2019 to do this for his church since they have done so much for their city and others. We are taking professional engineers, builders, and lighting people to build him a stage that will help his church continue to reach and do amazing things for his communtiy. All you give is tax dedcutable and used for the stage. Our people are volutneering their time and puchasing their own airfare. Thanks for giving and making a difference!