Paul R is a loving father of two incredible boys, and caring partner to his longtime live-in girlfriend . His parents and extended family do visit him regularly, as well, and have assisted him and his family as much as they possibly can.

Paul graduated from Lake Mary High School near Orlando, FL, and then went on to Seminole State College.He also attended Comair Aviation Academy for continuing education where he earned his Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot Certificates. 

Paul has always had a passion for traveling, boating, swimming, fishing and the beach. Since his arrest in March of 2021 he has been required to wear a GPS tracking monitor.This prevents him from traveling away from his home, and as it cannot be submerged swimming at the beach - or even n a swimming pool - is now impossible.He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Because of the arrest, and allegations made against Paul stemming from the events on January 6th, the federal government has taken away his passport, all pilot certificates, his TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) card, and his concealed weapon carry permits.

It is now impossible for Paul to maintain any kind of career in commercial aviation - which he had worked very hard to achieve. Having lost his TWIC card makes it extremely difficult to even fulfill his most basic duties at his current job where it severely restricts him from advancement and raises, as the majority of his job tasks require it.

The lives of Paul and his family have been turned upside down, with bills mounting and massive legal costs looming.Paul and his family could really use your encouragement, spiritual support, and especially financial support as they navigate this difficult time in their lives.The political nature of the charges he is facing is overwhelming to both him and his family.

Please keep Paul, his two sons, and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers.Having been the primary bread-winner and provider for his family makes this situation all the more difficult for everyone involved.Thank you so much for your encouragement, love, prayers, and support - it means the world to Paul and his family!