Thank you in advance for your willingness to assist this great patriot who has supported this Colorado Springs community emensely!

Tom was apprehended by FBI agents on November 9th, 2021 outside of a client's office. Since then, he has not been allowed to make any phone calls, even to his attorney. Tom’s location where he is being detained has still not been disclosed to his family members. His detention hearing will be on Monday, Nov 15th to determine whether he will be released while awaiting trial and whether a bond will be offered.

Thomas is a father of 7 and has been a successful entrepreneur for the majority of his life and has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry in a specialized skill set in tile. His two companies have an impeccable reputation in Colorado and he comes highly recommended by his current and prior customers.
Thomas is also highly involved in his community. He participates in school board meetings throughout El Paso County and is an active member at his church – The Road @ Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs. Thomas is a current FEC member and attends weekly men’s meetings @ the Road.

We are currently asking for assistance in raising funds for his legal council and appreciate anything you can offer to help us in this time of need.  They have been reluctant to ask for help, but their many friends and supporters have come together to ask you to donate to the Defense Fund. Every dollar donated goes to paying the legal fees for the detention hearing.