From the depths of a solitary confinement political prison cell comes the #1 read for patriots everywhere - January 6th freedom fighter Jake Lang reveals ALL in a sensational and heart wrenching book about the hidden truth of the greatest protest in American history. He tells all the gruesome details of that infamous day and the story of his prolific journey through the broken justice system. After over 710 days awaiting trial, Jake has come forward to give the American people a glimpse into the intense struggle of the modern day patriot. His stand against tyranny has cost him everything, and it's Liberty or Death for him in this tale of God's power of turning tragedy into triumph! Pre-order your copy today with your donation of $20 to this GiveSendGo! Please send your shipping address to and the email you used to place this donation. Larger donations are encouraged and 50% of all presale profits will directly benefit the January 6ers and their families via the January 6 Legal Fund. God bless you and remember: Fear does not live in the heart of a patriot!!! Books will ship in early Summer of 2023