Patriot Hangout & GrowIT Media, LLC, has hired an attorney and is being threatened to be evicted over the products that we sell in support of constitutional rights, the Second Amendment, Military, Veteran support, and Back the Blue memorabilia.

We have a legal sublease that the building owner verbally approved, yet that building owner had gone back on their word and wanted us out before we could open due to fear.

Another tenant came into our store and claimed that political flags should not be in the parking lot (there was a Trump Won flag on my Jeep) and that she felt "unsafe and her customers would not like our store," so she has complained to the building owner. In response, the building owner has hired an attorney to evict us.

We have decided to challenge the eviction process because the building owner had provided the primary tenant sole discretion to sublease a portion of their space with only one condition; the sublease must not be a tattoo shop or similar business.

UPDATE: The law firm of Smith & Malek have been hired by Mike and Judith Avilla to try and evict us from the property under false pretenses. We received a letter on May 20th, 2022 advicing us that they believe the lease is unauthorized, ignoring the fact that the Avilla's had provided this authorization verbally. We have been given 60 days to vacate the premises by threat of legal action and eviction proceedings.

Please help us fight this discrimination and persecution.