We need your help to expose crooked politicians and take on human trafficking. Top-level investigative journalists are building a news website and video operation to change the world, and we have costs as we pursue opportunities for profitable monetization.


The "Save the Babies" documentary series on CPS child trafficking has racked up hundreds of thousands of views and been featured widely in the media. The Campaign Show with Patrick Howley is a fast-paced investigative news show that launched on Patriots Soapbox in 2019 and has quickly surpassed one million views on Howley's Banned Dot Video channel. We want to build this Channel to new heights.


Patrick Howley has broken major stories including the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal, the Ashley Biden diary, and Ralph Northam's racist yearbook photos and has exposed politicians nationwide. He has been a reporter for Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon and has appeared on Fox and Friends, C-Span, CBS, Newsmax, One America News, the Stew Peters Show, and The Alex Jones Show. His work is featured in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s documentary trailer for "The Real Anthony Fauci: The Movie."