Patrick Phillips is an emergency and family physician in Englehart, Ontario.

Through the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns he started to see some major harms that his patients were suffering from, that were not being picked up by public health officials. From missed cancer screenings resulting in terminal cancer diagnoses, to a surge in suicidal children, he knew he could not remain silent. Despite guidance and edicts from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario ordering doctors to remain silent on the harms of lockdowns and vaccine adverse events, Dr Phillips continued to openly discuss the harms he was seeing and the treatments that were proving useful in the medical evidence. The College has since restricted his license and sent allegations to their tribunal for him to be disciplined, possibly resulting in a suspension or revocation of his medical license. 

He was initially working with Rocco Galati Law for his legal defense but is now with Michael Alexander who also represents a number of other physicians fighting legal cases against the CPSO on Covid related issues.  He is raising funds to be able to fund a robust challenge to their regulations so that he and all other physicians can continue to speak freely and give free, fully informed consent to the public. The most recent legal challenge was in the motion to dismiss hearing involving himself, Dr Trozzi and Dr Luchkiw. 

Any contributions to this cause would be greatly appreciated. 

You can follow Dr Phillips on Twitter @DrP_MD