Patrick Colbeck Legal Defense Fund

Campaign Created by: Patrick Colbeck

The funds from this campaign will be received by Patrick Colbeck.

Goal: USD $25,000
Raised: USD $ 18,245
In July 2020, I stepped down from my position as CEO of the MI Armed Forces Hospitality Center (aka MI Freedom Center) to dedicate my time to preserving the integrity of our elections and our constitutional republic.  In reward for these efforts, Dominion is threatening to sue me for exposing evidence of election fraud.  Their lawyers claim that I have "repeatedly and falsely claimed that the election in Michigan (and elsewhere) was stolen through the manipulation of vote counts in Dominion machines, including before Michigan’s Republicanled
State Legislature and in Mike Lindell’s false and defamatory “documentary,” Absolute Proof."  I can back up every one of my assertions, but I will need effective legal support to do so effectively in court.

Prior to the election, I helped to form the Election Integrity Fund ( and created the website to preserve free elections and free speech.  To date, I have taken $0 from the Election Integrity Fund for my efforts.  I have earned $30,195.15 gross from my website memberships and donations from which I net less than 50%.  Prior to running for public office, I made a comfortable six figure income as a successful Management Consultant.  I gave that up that security in 2010 when I stepped out in faith and ran for the Michigan Senate in the interest of public service.  In order to ensure success in this campaign, I liquidated my retirement savings.  We now have our retirement savings up to a whopping $80K as my gray hairs multiply and my retirement years are fast approaching.  Not only have we NOT profited from public service as asserted by Dominion and their lawyers, we have made significant financial sacrifices in the course of my public service.

Now, the Dominion legal team has the audacity to claim that I am "knowingly sowing discord in our democracy, all the while soliciting exorbitant amounts of money—totaling over $1 million so far—from your audiences paid directly to your personal business."  The exact opposite is true, but they have made sure to propogate this false claim through statewide and nationwide media outlets.

Why do they make such a ludicrous claim with no basis in fact? 
It is a malicious attempt to cut off any financial support.  They seek to cut off any financial support that we receive for my efforts. They also seek to prevent the collection of funds that would be needed for my legal defense.  With your assistance, we can hold them accountable for such actions.  In so doing, I seek to further expose their actions that continue to undermine the integrity of our elections.  

Perhaps my greatest achievement after 8 years of service in the MI Senate was the preservation of my integrity.  I am once more in a struggle to preserve my integrity as well as the integrity of our elections and ultimately the integrity of our constitutional republic.  I will need your financial help to be successful in this endeavor. 

Please prayerfully consider making a donation to my legal defense fund. 

Thank you for your commitment to the preservation of our constitutional republic!


Thank you to all who joined us June 13th!
June 15, 2021
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Thank you to all who joined us in Howell for the United We Stand event in Howell, MI on Sunday!  Thank you especially to event organizers Cindi Holland, Maija Hahn, and Joe Farkas!  We raised about $5K at the event pushing us over the $21K mark overall.

So far, Dominion has not followed up on their threat to sue.  If they do, we will ultimately need more to be successful but our current amount should be sufficient to get the ball rolling on a solid legal strategy as we go into fundraising hyperdrive. 

We are truly blessed by your support!  Rest assured, we will not rest until 2020 election fraud is exposed and remedied!
Knock 'em alive!


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