On September 13th the Department of Education put into their DOE policy,s "All students and staff who participate in high risk PSAL sports must be vaccinated against COVID-19. Students in fall high risk sports must get their first day of the COVID-19 vaccine by their first does competitive play. Winter and spring PSAL participants have until the beginning of their season to be fully vaccinated. 

A vaccine mandate also applies to all high risk afterschool extracurricular activities like chorus, musical theater, dace/dance team, band/orchestra (with concern for woodwinds), marching band, cheerleading/step teams/flag team. Studenst ages 12 and older participating in these extracurricular activities." This also includes school dances as well. 

Please go to the DOE website under: Health and Safety of Our Schools

We do believe in CHOICE and DO NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST anyone's choice.

This unfortunately does exclude those whom are not vaccinated basically from everything. We believe no child should be excluded from experiencing their childhood/teenage years! We have certain High Schools having Homecoming dance/dances, unvaccinated kids are not allowed to attend. So we have a group of parents that would like them to enjoy a night of fun! These kids have missed out on just about 3 years of being a kid! 

We are putting this "Give Send Go" together so the parents that need some financiall assistance can let their kids join in on the fun! In light of this unfortunate situation we do have some of our NYC parents that have lost thier job or will be losing their jobs. We would like to make it a bit easier for some of these parents and help their kids enjoy a fun night! We are putting together a night of dinner, dancing, friends, fun and memories to take along their journey. 

                             PLEASE NOTE ALL KIDS ARE WELCOMED! THIS CAN BE THE                                                         START OF WONDERFUL THINGS TO COME! 

May you all be blessed
The Parents of New York City