Help the Sundin family of 7 after a car accident

Campaign Created by: Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church

The funds from this campaign will be received by Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church.

Goal: USD $190,000
Raised: USD $ 195,932

Our dear Christian brother, Paisios (Tyler) Sundin and his family of seven were in a car accident on January 30th, in which Paisios was severely injured.  Paisios is a loving, faithful husband to Xenia (Abbie) and father of five young children (ages 1 - 7) who depend on him for support.

On the morning of January 30, 2023, the family was traveling home from a wedding,  westbound on Interstate 70 just past the Indiana/Illinois border, when a semi-truck and trailer cut them off. Roads were slippery, so when Xenia tried to slow down to avoid hitting the back of the semi, their vehicle skidded sideways into the ditch and rolled down an embankment, throwing Paisios out of the vehicle. Thank God that Xenia and the children were not badly hurt.

Paisios's neck was broken in three places, his back in two. He was taken by ambulance to the local hospital in Terre Haute, Indiana, and then transferred to IU Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had emergency surgery on his spine that night. 

He can move his arms, but is immobile from his waist down. Glory to God, after surgery he has some feeling in his toes. Doctors are hopeful that he will walk again. We are praying for a full recovery, but he has a long road ahead.  

He is in ICU at IU Methodist hospital in Indianapolis and doctors estimate that he will be there for a week.

Please pray that God would do a miraculous healing.

Paisios is a faithful, hardworking husband, and the sole provider for their family.  His wife Xenia is a full-time stay-at-home mother. They are faithful Orthodox Christians, in our Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church Community in southwest Missouri. Paisios is a contractor who does home construction and tree removal. He will be unable to work for at least 6 months.

We at the Ascension of Christ Orthodox Community are committed to helping this family in every way we can, but we are asking for your help, because the needs are great. Immediately Xenia will need hotel accommodations while she stays in Indianapolis to be with Paisios. The children are staying with a family in the church.

Auto insurance will cover some toward a replacement vehicle and toward medical expenses, although we don't know how much.  So, immediate expenses are for a vehicle (with a wheelchair lift), medical bills, and the needs of a family of 7 for their home budget until Paisios can work again.

We hoping to raise at least 6 months of home budget plus a good amount toward replacing their vehicle and to begin paying down the medical bills from this accident. Our goal is $115,000, although medical expenses will probably be much more. Any help you can give will go directly to helping this young family.

 Please help this dear family.

Thanks so much. The peace of Christ Jesus be with you all.

Ascension of Christ Orthodox church community


Glory to God!
March 9, 2023
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Paisios's left leg is waking up!!!! Go to for more updates!

 Thank you for your prayers! Keep praying!!!

Paisios was discharged and a big thank-you from Ascension of Christ
February 18, 2023
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It is with the deepest, heartfelt gratitude that we come before you today. The bounty and charity expressed by God’s people has brought us to tears many times. Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church community thanks you and prostrates before you in gratitude. We would like to share that, due to your gracious generosity and the miraculous working of God, Paisios and Xenia’s medical needs will be met. The hospital has reduced their charges in many areas. The auto insurance company has agreed to pay for a replacement vehicle and some of the medical expenses. So, we, at Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church, are stopping the fund raiser.

The funds that have been raised will be used to cover all other costs associated with the accident and the long-term rehabilitation that will be taking place over the next several months and years. These funds have already covered over $60,000.00 of immediate costs. With the insurance, plus the remainder of the funds raised, we feel like there are enough funds to cover the Sundin’s monthly budget for over a year and a half. By this time, and Lord willing, much sooner, we are hoping that Paisios will be at work again and able to support his family.

 Medical update: Paisios will likely be released from the IU Methodist Hospital maybe even this Saturday Morning. (IU Methodist Hospital has been, hands down, one of the best hospitals that we have ever been associated with. A huge thank you to their medical team.) After discharge, the plan is to travel for about 5 hours toward Kansas City, MO, and stay in a hotel tonight. Tomorrow morning, God willing, they will continue their trip and arrive at Paisios’s parents’ house. Scott and Kelly Sundin have a second living quarters in their walk-in basement that is wheelchair accessible that they have generously offered for Paisios and Xenia and the children to stay in for the next two to three months while Paisios is doing intensive physical therapy in Kansas City.

It is likely that Xenia and Paisios’s sister, Katelyn, will come down to Southern Missouri mid- afternoon Sunday to take the children back up to Kansas City. Then comes a very joyous reunion between Papa and Mama and their children who have been staying at the Mitchell’s house since the accident.

We are not sure how long the Physical Therapy will take in Kansas City. Hopefully, it will not be longer than two months before the family can move down to their own home and Paisios can continue less intensive therapy in southern Missouri.

As of now, Paisios’ right leg continues quickly advancing, with motion and strength increasing. The left leg is still not moving, though one of his doctors said that she is confident that it will “wake up” and begin to work.

To all of the thousands of dear souls who have prayed for my dear brother and sister, words can not express my thanks. I am speechless and laid low to the ground in humility for your care. Thanks for your bounteous financial gifts. Paisios and Xenia have been in peace through this whole trial because of all of you. Thank you again.

Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church will put a blog up on the Church website to continue to give updates on Paisios’s healing.

Please continue to pray for Paisios and Xenia. Pray for our Church community. Pray that many find the One Holy Apostolic Orthodox Church in the US and around the world. Glory to the Holy Triune God.

God be merciful to me a Sinner.

-Brother Steven R. Mitchell, II,

On behalf of the Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church Community.

Discharge is coming!!
February 18, 2023
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In the past couple days, Paisios has been going through a lot of physical and occupational therapy--notably, moving from wheelchair to car in preparation for discharge.

The nurses have gone above and beyond in giving medical supplies--a lot--bags and bags to help transition Paisios out of the hospital to outpatient therapy.  Yes that means that discharge is near!!! Paisios and Xenia are anticipating a Saturday discharge and a couple of days traveling back to Kansas City for several weeks of outpatient therapy.

Paisios and Xenia have been so blessed by the deacon and priests and Abbess Catherine there in Indianapolis. Today, Seraphim Nesch drove up for a visit which was very unexpected but SO, SO welcome. Paisios and Xenia are overwhelmed by everybody's love and support. They are thankful for the Mitchell family who has cared for their children while Paisios has been in the hospital. They are SUPER excited to see their children. Paisios and Xenia are very thankful to Paisios's parents for spending all this time with them in Indianapolis and for opening their home for Paisios and Xenia and the children to stay there while Paisios spends several weeks of rehab in Kansas City before they will move to their own home. 

Glory to God!

Almost unbelieveable!
February 14, 2023
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You saw the video a couple days ago of Paisios moving his toes on his right leg just a bit.

Over the last days, healing has progressed A LOT. He can lift his right leg and extend it out straight. He can pull his foot back and push it forward, too.  This is HUGE!!! AMAZING!! WE are EXCITED!!! and THANKFUL!!! I will try to post a video of the Doctor's exam and the improvements. Sorry the video is sideways :)

His left leg has not progressed as much. Please continue to pray for miraculous healing!

Paisios is doing a lot of occupational therapy and is doing well in spite of his neck brace, which the occupational therapist says makes a lot of movement more difficult. So once he gets the neck brace off, everything will be even better. They got Paisios in a wheelchair that he can move himself and he did well there.  Today the physical therapists put him in a sling above a treadmill so he could try to take steps--things just continue progressing in a very positive direction. Glory to God!

Paisios and Xenia have continued to have encouraging visits from priests and friends.  Recently, Anthony and Matthew from Kansas City traveled out to visit.

Also, Paisios has had the opportunity to venerate the relic of St. John Maximovitch's foot several times. 

In a side note--the children are still doing very well. They and the family they are staying with went through a bout with the flu--which could be formidable with 10 children in the same house under the age of 11. But they have all recovered and are still friends :) Thank you to all those of you who have sent packages to the little ones. These little highlights in their days are sweet reminders that people care for them--which is a beautiful demonstration of God's care and love for them that they will not soon forget. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Keep praying!

A bit of a random update--but very positive on all fronts!

Look at this!!!!
February 12, 2023
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More Progress!
February 11, 2023
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Yesterday Paisios spent about 2 1/2 hours in physical therapy spread throughout the day. He is learning to do stretches and to move himself without using his legs--learning to shift himself and scoot himself from a wheelchair to a bed--back and forth. Xenia has learned to use a machine to life Paisios from the bed to the wheelchair and then they can leave the hospital room themselves and take a walk around independently. Xenia has stepped up and become, basically a nurse--she does all Paisios's basic care-managing food and hydration and moving and cleaning and changing and stretching.

Dr. Pratt has been very positive and has given Paisios and Xenia a lot of resources to read about the different changes in their lives that they will deal with. 

They are again overwhelmed by the generosity and love of everyone--the giving and the prayers are so encouraging.

In Paisios's words, "When God has given us a beautiful gift of another chance at life for me and also kept my family safe knowing that this is what I needed for my salvation, it is impossible to be shy about it. . . we share it with anyone that comes into this room. There is no doubt in my mind that God is good and no one can take that from me and we want to give God the glory."

More improvements! Glory to God!
February 9, 2023
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Paisios has been moved out of the ICU to the PCU, which is a big deal! They are doing physical therapy with him twice a day. Many times he has slid into a wheelchair with a lot of help. During the transfer, he feels a lot of pressure on his neck, but once they sit him back a bit, he can relax and the pain goes away. He has wheeled around the floor of the hospital he is on a couple times! 

The nurses have all been so kind and helpful and thorough. We would specifically like to mention Dr. Whitney Pratt. She has spent a lot of time answering questions and explaining things to us. She is the one helping us get the wheelchair fitted. She has been amazing.

We are so thankful for everyone who has donated and is helping financially, and especially those who are praying. Thank you. Thank you.

Happy birthday Paisios! Happy name day Xenia!
February 7, 2023
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Paisios turned 34 today and Xenia celebrated her namesday!

Paisios slept really well last night for the first time. They changed the times they give his medicine so that he could get more sleep and it worked.  He slept like a baby.

When physical therapy came in this morning, they helped Paisios sit up with his legs over the edge of the bed and he was able to stabilize himself with his arms. The therapists hoped he would be able to sit that way for one minute. But he made it 2 1/2 minutes before the therapists said that was enough! Then they had him go down on his side to his elbow and push himself back up on both sides. He was able to do that a few times. His legs are starting to get more sensations--he has a warm, prickly feeling in his legs, which is good. His appetite is growing.

He has had a lot of visitors, which is also very encouraging! Thank you to all who have come! Father Deacon Michael brought him communion yesterday. Today Father Steven brought him a relic of St. John Maximovitch. Siluaon and Elizabeth came yesterday and today.

Xenia got to go to St. Xenia's skete, four blocks from the hospital today. Xenia had been wanting to go to a monastery for quite a while but the family had not been able to fit it into their schedule. Then, today Xenia got to go to St. Xenia's skete on her namesday for liturgy! 

Paisios should be getting out of ICU by tomorrow. They are hoping that within another week he will be able to sit in a wheelchair and wheel around a bit. Paisios is really looking forward to getting outside and getting fresh air. They turned Paisios's bed so that he is facing the big window that lets lots of sunlight in.

Glory to God! Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support!

How is Paisios doing?
February 5, 2023
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First, we apologize for not doing more updates. It has been a very busy week here.  So, here is a little news:

A doctor came in today and was very encouraging and hopeful about the potential for healing for Paisios in time. His hand and arm strength is close to a full recovery--the breaks in his neck are not affecting his strength in his arms anymore. Paisios can flex his abdomen and back and is beginning to be able to flex his gluteal muscles which also goes into his legs a little bit. He can feel when someone touches his toes. If he closes his eyes, he can tell them which pinky toe they are touching. If they touch on any side of a knee cap, he can tell them where they are touching. So his feeling is gradually improving, but it is like his lower body is still asleep. He can not move it much yet. Please keep praying! 

Father Zachary Rose and his son Jonathan from Kansas City came and visited. Father Deacon Michael from Joy of All Who Sorrow, four blocks away from the hospital, surprised Paisios with a visit and will be bringing Paisios communion tomorrow. Abbess Catherine is coming to visit on Monday and has been communicating with and encouraging Xenia through the last days. Father Gabriel MonForte has been very helpful and supportive. Paisios and Xenia are overwhelmed with gratefulness for all the encouragement and support they are surrounded with. Glory to God!

The Sundin Children
February 5, 2023
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A little status update from the children's caretakers. The Sundin's 5 children are staying with us. They miss their parents very much. But, it is almost miraculous how well they are adjusting and behaving. They have been remarkably kind to each other and to our children and remarkably helpful and obedient. Even little Euphemia,1, has been cheerful and easy to care for, although she was not totally weaned until the day after the accident. I think it is obvious that their guardian angels are here with them. It is a privilege to have them here.

We have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity from so many--just today a sweet couple from a nearby church brought a trunk-load of groceries; a dear friend sent a pile of gift cards to help out; the children's godparents visited bringing love and cheer and snacks and crafts; someone sent shoes for the children to replace the ones lost in the crash. So much kindness and love from so many. It makes me cry. Thank you everyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Raising the Goal
February 4, 2023
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With the encouragement of many and the realization of the immense cost of the medical bills, Ascension of Christ Orthodox Community has decided to raise the goal from $115,000 to $500,000. We humbly ask for your help. We are already humbled to tears by the tremendous outpouring of prayers and gifts and love and encouragement. Many Thanks!! Glory to God!

From Paisios
February 3, 2023
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An update Paisios sent to us last night--in his own words

" Here is an update for the GiveSendGo. My wife has been taught how to do the physical therapy. She has been helping me with that. It consists of stretching my legs in all different directions to keep the ligaments mobile and to encourage blood flow to my extremities. She has also been taught how to give me a bath and how to change out my bedding. So, she has learned a lot of the things that the nurses normally do. So, the nurses don't come in as often. She also learned how to shift me from side to side. I have to be shifted every 2 hours so I do not get bed sores. If I were to get bed sores, it would be a very bad thing in my position. They are telling me that in six months I will know quite a bit and in a year I will know what mobility I have. I haven't gained any more mobility, however I have gained more feeling, I can feel that my legs are together. I can feel where they are pointed on the bed, whereas before I couldn't feel that as much. So, that is a good thing.

The insurance is figuring out if they can pay out the money that we would need. . . If they decide that this was just us and not the other driver that cut us off. If they for some reason say that it is all our fault, then we would not get the insurance money for medical expenses."  (Please everyone pray that insurance would help with medical expenses)

Other updates--and these ones make me cry--Father Zachary is probably going to come visit me tomorrow. Father Ephraim is probably going to visit me next week. So are Michelle and Brian. And Silouan and Elizabeth are coming on Saturday. And my sister and my sister-in-law are coming. My cousin who I have not seen in years is going to swing by.  I am just overwhelmed by the love and so encouraged. My spirits are so high. I have only found love for God through this and I have only found repentance. I have no reason to be angry. God spared my wife and children. God knew that this is what I needed for my salvation. I have never been more sure of anything. This is why I am here--for my salvation.  So, Great is the Lord. Praise God forever and ever.  Amen."

We are overwhelmed by your generosity
February 2, 2023
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Thank you all so much for this amazing outpouring of support and help and love.  We just don't even know how to express our gratefulness. Glory to God!

A small update: Yesterday the nurses said Paisios's incision was healing very well! Glory to God!

When the surgeon came in, he touched Paisios's knee and asked him to move it. Paisios flexed every muscle he could and he moved it just a bit. He could not feel it, but he moved it.

Also, the surgeon said that it will be a year before we have an idea of what Paisios's mobility may be. So there is a long road ahead. But we are encouraged.

Please keep praying!

X-ray of Paisios's neck
February 1, 2023
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These are the x-rays from the initial break. Doctors said any higher and he would not have the use of his arms. Any more of a break would have been an internal decapitation.


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