How would you feel if a magical, pain relieving procedure was waved tantalizing under your nose...but Medicare said "Nope!" That's what happened to my husband, Michael. After his consultation with the Center for Pain Management, he was the happiest I've seen him in a long time: laughing and whistling because for the first time he had HOPE of relief after years of chronic stem-to-stern back pain.

The next day we received the call that Medicare/BCBS would not cover the procedure because it's considered "experimental." Hopes dashed! I was livid!

Medicare will cover radiofrequency ablation (nerve burning) for his cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions....but not the sacroiliac which is where his pain is the worst, rendering him practically unable to walk.

I was frantic! Then I had a wild idea: Screw insurance! Let's pay out-of-pocket. The Center for Pain Management said "Fine" as long as you pay the full amount, cash on the barrelhead, before the first procedure: $1,175. If it works the procedure will need to be repeated at least yearly.

Your help in bringing pain relief to my husband is more appreciated than you can imagine!

Thank you!

Mrs. Michael (Lenora) Thompson