On February 28 2022 our Christian conservative fried chicken joint in Ringgold Georgia was abruptly shut down without any forewarning to any crew or customers. The franchise owner simply decided to pull out of the franchise at that location, without giving the crew any advance notice.

People would come from many miles all around to get their favorite fried chicken. Many church members in and around Ringgold would regularly file out of church after services and into the fried chicken joint with the intention of getting the best fried chicken in all of northwest Georgia, and the best customer service too.

We want our fried chicken joint back up and running again as soon as possible. Even if we have to drop the franchise branding that is okay, because they charge a Million dollars to buy into the franchise anyways.

  • If enough is raised we could simply build a new structure or reuse another existing one nearby, but we still intend to rehire the original crew as much as possible. If the store front gets bought out by a third party with plans to build something else, then that will be necessary anyways.
  • If not enough is raised to complete the primary plan, the sum will be split among the crew, to thank them and to replace some of the money they lost.
  • If enough is raised we can bring it back entirely as a Guthrie's franchise again, but we would need a Million dollars more in addition to the original goal, so that isn't even on our radar screen yet.

Hopefully this will be just an unexpected downtime for our favorite fried chicken joint. There is not currently an accurate timeline on when the business can be reopened, but it is ideally possible to have it up and running as soon as some time next week or as late as next month.

Your donations are greatly appreciated regardless of the amount. If you are near Ringgold Georgia you can help our community to bring back our fried chicken joint. A draft version of the flier/leaflet image file is embedded in the campaign header, with a QR code that links here.

Thank all y'all and God bless all y'all!