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Help Open Religious Schools in Dane County

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Joan Carey is organizing this fundraiser.

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St Ambrose Academy Madison, WI

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Fighting the Good Fight

At St. Ambrose Academy, we firmly believe from the dictates of reason and faith that parents are the primary and indispensable educators of their children. Who but parents alone know their children and their unique needs best? No earthly school or state authority has the right to usurp this God-given responsibility from them.

That is why we confidently fought for the right of local children to receive the faith-based education their parents desire for them, and we are overjoyed that the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld this sacred right of parents by granting a temporary injunction against Dane County’s Order #9 banning in-person instruction for grades 3-12.

We give thanks to Almighty God for this favorable ruling and to the hundreds of friends and benefactors who provided contributions big and small to equip us for this legal challenge. Today we have prevailed. We are strongest together!

Still, we suspect this contention may not be over yet and are resolved to fight if necessary. We implore you to join forces with us so we may more boldly proclaim that religious liberty is the birthright of every American. Your solidarity of support with parents, staff, and other donors will help form this generation of children as good citizens and faithful followers of Christ.


Families from co-plaintiff parishes/schools: if you are making a donation, please indicate the name of your school in the comment section.

Please visit our school website to learn more about how you can support the mission of St. Ambrose Academy.

Where will the unused funds go?

Any unused funds will go to tuition assistance for students to be administered by St. Ambrose Academy.

What is the mission of St. Ambrose Academy?

St. Ambrose Academy is an accredited Catholic school whose mission is to assist parents in the formation of their children by providing a classical education rooted in the Catholic faith. Aware that all truth has its origin and end in the person of Jesus Christ, our students study Catholic theology and college preparatory subjects through the teachings of the Magisterium and the primary works of civilization’s greatest thinkers. Offered regular access to the Sacraments and mentored by teachers who foster a deep love of Jesus Christ, students see and are led to imitate the virtues which joyfully compel a life lived in knowledge, love, and service of Christ and His Church.

What does the Catechism say about education?

“As those first responsible for the education of their children, parents have the right to choose a school for them which corresponds to their own convictions. This right is fundamental. As far as possible parents have the duty of choosing schools that will best help them in their task as Christian educators. Public authorities have the duty of guaranteeing this parental right and of ensuring the concrete conditions for its exercise.” - Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2229


For our Holy Priests and Religious that they remain steadfast during this time. Please pray for students and teachers in religious schools. 

St Peter - Pray for Us

2020-08-22 22:33:21

Thank you for your efforts! Praying and fasting in this troubling time.

The Gonnering Family

2020-08-22 22:36:19

May God always be with us!


2020-08-22 23:33:42

Praise God for your continued education


2020-08-22 23:36:19

God be with you in this fight.

Jack in South Florida

2020-08-22 23:37:23

Grace Force....Fr. Alman's homiies..need to help a little bit.


2020-08-22 23:40:18

I will be praying for this cause


2020-08-22 23:41:46

I really hope you get to the $60,000 you need for this very important cause.

Kathy King

2020-08-22 23:45:30

Keeping you in my prayers!


2020-08-22 23:46:21

May God be with you in this Fight!


2020-08-22 23:47:12

Fight the good fight- God is in control!

Dan and Angela Hineline

2020-08-22 23:49:19

God bless all the children. St. Ambrose, pray for us!


2020-08-22 23:49:36

Teach the Truth of the Catholic Church


2020-08-22 23:49:42

In my prayers

Del & Terri Teeter

2020-08-22 23:51:19

Our children are safe from a virus but they are not safe from petty tyranny. Thank you for letting us help to fight for them.


2020-08-22 23:51:42

May God Bless you in your efforts!


2020-08-22 23:51:43

Prayers and good luck! Sure wish Oregon had your zeal!

Thrifty Catholic

2020-08-22 23:53:25

Here's the plan:


2020-08-22 23:55:31

Fr. Heilman sent me from Manassas, VA, and the US Grace Force! May our Blessed Mother on this day of celebrating her Queenship be with you! Our Lady Queen of Victory, pray for us! God Bless!

Jenna Payne

2020-08-22 23:56:03

God bless Fr. Heilman, who sent out an appeal.

US Grace Force Warrior

2020-08-22 23:56:56

Good luck!

James Fair

2020-08-22 23:57:13

We will pray!


2020-08-22 23:57:50

God Bless you all.

Ronald Faust

2020-08-22 23:59:17



2020-08-22 23:59:56

May the Blessed Mother send Archangels Micheal, Gabriel, and Raphael to aid in this spiritual battle; for the sake of the children, may Jesus have mercy on us!

Carolyn Schultz

2020-08-23 00:00:32

Jesus we trust in You! Thank you for bringing this to our attention Fr. Heilman. God bless you.

Andrew Witherspoon

2020-08-23 00:00:39

Thank you for fighting for this!


2020-08-23 00:00:51

God be with you!

Debra Schluter

2020-08-23 00:00:52

May the Lord God bless you and keep you. “Let the little children come to me.” Matt. 19:14


2020-08-23 00:01:15

Go get em!!


2020-08-23 00:02:37

Pray for me.


2020-08-23 00:02:40

God bless all¡¡¡

U S Grace Force Warrior

2020-08-23 00:03:49

May God Bless Your Efforts.

United States Grace Force Prayer Warrior

2020-08-23 00:05:08

The children need to be left out of our issues. They must be taught as normal. Reason: those beautiful brains are open and ready for learning truth! God bless our little ones.

Investigate B XVI’s partial “resignation”.

2020-08-23 00:05:57

From a struggling Catholic homeschool mom (in a Catholic desert) who supports FAITHFUL and TRUE Catholic schools.


2020-08-23 00:07:19

I was a recipient of 12 years of Catholic education, and I was fortunate to have been able to send my four children to Catholic school from the first grade level, through eighth grade graduation. I am thankful that at least one of my ten grandchildren is getting a good Catholic education, and hopefully some of the others will be able to as well. I am a firm believer in teaching our children their Catholic faith in their formative years in order to prepare them for the future.


2020-08-23 00:08:08

May God Bless the children and their parents.

Stephanie Whiting

2020-08-23 00:08:43

Former Catholic school teacher. They were the best years of my life. I SUPPORT YOUR EFFECTS 100%. Stay strong, don’t be intimidated, FIGHT for your right to educate your children in a faith filled environment.

Joan Northway

2020-08-23 00:13:17

Thank you for the opportunity. St Michael defend us in the battle.

Yvonne Styer

2020-08-23 00:13:20

God Bless You!

Sandra Dillon

2020-08-23 00:14:25

Praying for our faithful Catholic schools.

Barbara Ettner

2020-08-23 00:15:22

May God bless you all.

Rosemary Damata

2020-08-23 00:17:11

God Bless


2020-08-23 00:18:18

Prayers that God will have mercy on the United States of America! Praying for an end to religious persecution in the USA and around the world. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

Elizabeth Crann

2020-08-23 00:24:51

Our kids need to be back to Catholic School.


2020-08-23 00:26:02

May the Holy Spirit provide your every need to fill your children with His Love!


2020-08-23 00:26:21

We are called to live out our Faith and never give up. Thank you your example of fighting the good fight!! God’s will be done.


2020-08-23 00:28:28

May God have mercy on this country and end our suffering. His Will be done.

Martin R. T. Mersch

2020-08-23 00:29:03

Keep up the good work.

Mimi Klum

2020-08-23 00:31:34

We need to fight now or forever lose our chance

Angel and Maria cotto

2020-08-23 00:32:43

God bless our holy catholic and apostolic church


2020-08-23 00:33:53

My education at St. Ambrose has given me so much, this time of need is the time to give a little back for that great gift.

A Catholic grandma with grandchildren in catholic school in HELLINOIS

2020-08-23 00:34:10

My grandkids started school 2 days ago. I’m praying that our governor won’t shut down private schools. All public schools are remote learning and I’m sure the teachers unions aren’t happy that Catholic kids are IN SCHOOL. The school got bombarded with requests for new registrations! Keep praying for this nonsense to end.


2020-08-23 00:39:45

?❤️ Blessings!


2020-08-23 00:39:51

God Bless you all

Michele McDermott

2020-08-23 00:42:58

God Bless from Pittsburgh


2020-08-23 00:43:16

In honor of the Feast of our Mother's Queenship


2020-08-23 00:48:07

Catholic schools are Jesus’ blessings for educating our youth??

In Honor of Fr. James Altman

2020-08-23 00:55:49

Happy to help because of the great work of Grace Force!


2020-08-23 00:59:41

God be with you bigtime and good luck, too!

Mary Poston

2020-08-23 01:01:35

Go get them?? Keeping in prayer!


2020-08-23 01:02:02

Please pray for us


2020-08-23 01:03:19

God Bless from NJ


2020-08-23 01:08:56

God bless you!


2020-08-23 01:11:41

Prayers from a South Florida Grace Force member. We are in this fight together!


2020-08-23 01:12:45

God bless the children !!!


2020-08-23 01:17:05

In Honor of Our Lady’s Queenship. God’s Blessings and Protection to All.


2020-08-23 01:17:45

I'm contributing and also praying for your cause.

The Reed Family

2020-08-23 01:19:53

We continue to pray for the health (mental and physical) and well being of our children, teachers and their families.

Wyoming Catholic College Dad

2020-08-23 01:22:06

Milites Christi in perpetuum!

Janine Falgoust

2020-08-23 01:27:32

Prayers for your good success!

Mark & Frances

2020-08-23 01:28:29

God Bless Fr. James Altman and all the priests who are Good Shepherds. May the Lord grant them the courage and wisdom to continue to prayerfully share the Gospel.

The Jorgensen Family

2020-08-23 01:31:31

We need great Catholic schools for the proper formation of our children.


2020-08-23 01:33:06

Prayers from Arizona


2020-08-23 01:34:01

God bless you!!

Lillian Elsey

2020-08-23 01:36:29

I don’t live in your state. I’m actually in California but Catholic I am and I believe in our educational system. I’m retired so I can’t send more


2020-08-23 01:37:29

Storming heaven for your righteous cause

John & Arlene

2020-08-23 01:38:55

Because Fr. Altman & Fr. Heilman are great!


2020-08-23 01:39:42

Together we can fight this. With the help of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Our Lady of Good Help, we can win this!


2020-08-23 01:39:44

Do not allow the state to tread on religious freedom.


2020-08-23 01:44:34

We wish you much success with Our Lady's help!!?


2020-08-23 01:44:50

God Bless You, and thank you for teaching the precious children!


2020-08-23 01:48:25

As a retired Catholic \school teacher and someone who still is a substitute teacher in a Catholic school in Ohio, we hope this helps the cause to open and keep your schools open. Students need to be back in school for their mental and emotional health.

SAA alumni

2020-08-23 01:48:43

Children need to be given the best possible way to succeed in life, and St. Ambrose will fight for the needs of the future of America. Prayers and blessings


2020-08-23 01:52:19

I Pray that God will grant your Prayer!


2020-08-23 01:52:26

God be with you


2020-08-23 01:58:28

Ave Maria


2020-08-23 01:58:59

God fortify you, our children, and all Catholic schools!

Lauren M.

2020-08-23 02:00:50

Praying for schools to open!


2020-08-23 02:03:16

Thank you!

Erin schott

2020-08-23 02:04:13

My granddaughter recently went back to in person learning at a Catholic school, I pray that you will be able to do the same. God Bless

Anna M Derry

2020-08-23 02:06:58

Catholic school education has given me a joyful and successful life

Pamela Smith

2020-08-23 02:07:40

For religious education.

Rosita Lina

2020-08-23 02:08:32

May you be successful!


2020-08-23 02:08:39


Mother Miriam Moss

2020-08-23 02:13:15

God bless you all for your every effort. If I may help in any way, please let me know. Mother Miriam


2020-08-23 02:13:54

In Memory of Bishop Morlino


2020-08-23 02:17:14

Happy Feast of the Queenship of Mary

Elizabeth Durack

2020-08-23 02:19:30

I'm grateful St Ambrose is fighting for In person instruction. Catholic education has a mission to form the whole person integrally and needs to be a genuine encounter of persons, you can't just phone it in. I pray for St Ambrose Academy every day in the intercessions of Morning Prayer and have for years.

Texas Catholic

2020-08-23 02:21:10

Praying for you all.


2020-08-23 02:28:21

I love the mission of St. Ambrose and this isn’t right what’s happening


2020-08-23 02:30:44



2020-08-23 02:34:12

God bless you and thank you for standing up and fighting for the children.

Spangler Family

2020-08-23 02:35:01

Thank you St Ambrose Families!??

Gilbert E Adolph

2020-08-23 02:37:37

Our Prayers for you

Beverly Ruhland

2020-08-23 02:40:25

Thank You for all you do to uphold Catholicism and inspire the youth with the love of Christ.


2020-08-23 02:42:43

Praying for your success!


2020-08-23 02:48:30

Praised be Jesus Christ. Now and forever.


2020-08-23 02:48:42

Praying for your success. Thanks for standing up for what is right.

Jennifer P

2020-08-23 02:51:18

May God provide you with all the funds you need and may He ensure these children return to school. God Bless this mission!


2020-08-23 02:52:48



2020-08-23 02:54:45

Wish you a great school year!

Robert and Belinda

2020-08-23 02:56:03

God Always Wins! USGF prayer warriors!!

Frances Plante

2020-08-23 03:04:27

This is a slam against Catholic education for our children!!


2020-08-23 03:04:49

May God bless you as you do His work

Kathryne James

2020-08-23 03:05:34

I live in Arkansas, but St. Mary's of Pine Bluff has become my Parish in spirit! If Father Rick says this school needs help, I trust this is a wonderful school! So, hope my small donation helps you reach your goal and get your precious children back in classes! God Bless, and Mary Keep you all in health and holiness! Tita James.


2020-08-23 03:06:35



2020-08-23 03:06:55

Viva Cristo Rey!


2020-08-23 03:10:19

Thanks for fighting back! God be with you! ?


2020-08-23 03:22:35

Viva Cristo Rey!!!


2020-08-23 03:37:20

God Bless you and your work; please pray for my children


2020-08-23 03:43:17

I will keep St Ambrose Catholic School in my prayers. I know how important it is to provide a truly orthodox education for our children! May Jesus,, Mary and Joseph intercede, guide, protect and bless you! Ginger


2020-08-23 03:48:56

We pray for your success in ending this government interference into our religious freedoms.

Elizabeth Gamez

2020-08-23 03:50:40

Go get’m


2020-08-23 03:52:26

God bless you and all the children.

Stefni J Dusterwald

2020-08-23 03:55:34

Sending prayers for success!


2020-08-23 03:58:56

?? Praying!


2020-08-23 03:58:59

Prayers for a successful outcome!

Mary F in Spokane

2020-08-23 04:13:04

Also praying to Our Lady of Good Help.

Maggie R

2020-08-23 04:17:24

May God and Our Lady help you.


2020-08-23 04:25:27

We need to set a precedent to warn all governments in every state that they have to respect the rights of the people. We are one nation under God.


2020-08-23 04:42:13

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Maria Marsland

2020-08-23 04:51:06

:) party on!

St. Ambrose Alumna

2020-08-23 05:11:31

A St. Ambrose education is one of the greatest gifts ever given to me. That and a free country in which to learn and live my faith in safety and peace. May my small contribution to this campaign help to assure those gifts for others.


2020-08-23 05:46:18

God blessings!


2020-08-23 05:49:19

God bless you

Michael B Martin

2020-08-23 06:36:57

May you be blessed in your efforts to open your school


2020-08-23 09:21:07

God bless you in your efforts to help the children.


2020-08-23 09:21:46

God bless your endeavors : )


2020-08-23 09:31:21

Best wishes for success.

Gabriel Reilly

2020-08-23 09:36:13

Fight the good fight. God Bless

Joe Hund

2020-08-23 10:00:30

God bless you and good luck!


2020-08-23 10:29:56

God bless, education is the first step to understanding.

Venice, FL, Grace Force member, and Catholic homeschooling mother.

2020-08-23 10:46:37

May St. Ambrose, Our Blessed Mother, and Our Lord guide and protect your worthy efforts. Good Catholic education is the only hope for the future of our nation and our world!


2020-08-23 11:22:24

Please continue to fight the good fight! Viva Cristo Rey!

Bill Gehl

2020-08-23 11:31:13

This is a hill worth dying on.

Brenda Kraft

2020-08-23 11:33:04

I appreciate my Catholic education and that of my children. Prayers for a successful outcome. ??❤️???


2020-08-23 11:36:20

Trump 2020!

Gail Bartz

2020-08-23 11:38:41

Let’s vote these Liberal Dems out!


2020-08-23 11:40:14

Tough times for all of us, prayers from Florida

Barnhart family

2020-08-23 11:48:52


Amelia Schlosser

2020-08-23 12:04:53

Blessed Mother be with us!


2020-08-23 12:09:23

May God bless us and protect us all. Thank you for your work and service to Our Lord.


2020-08-23 12:14:56

Ohio supporting your case.

Sylvia Suarez Ponce

2020-08-23 12:15:08

Thank you for your effort. Teach our children well, to defend and fight for our God given rights. May this be a great example for others to follow. And, may God bless us all. This I pray, through the intercession of our blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Amen

Sylvia Suarez Ponce

2020-08-23 12:15:08

Thank you for your effort. Teach our children well, to defend and fight for our God given rights. May this be a great example for others to follow. And, may God bless us all. This I pray, through the intercession of our blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Amen

andrea lynn donar

2020-08-23 12:25:41

God bless you, strengthen you and find victory for you in this fight!

Catholic friend

2020-08-23 12:32:57

God bless


2020-08-23 12:40:52

May God bless and keep our country close to Him, preserve and defend us and our Constitutional freedoms, solidly defeat the Left everywhere and always, now and forever.

Teyra Salazar

2020-08-23 12:49:04

Prayers for much success in this very important effort. May Our Lady of Good Success assists you!


2020-08-23 12:49:13

Praying your school opens. “Oh Jesus, take care of everything!“


2020-08-23 12:52:52

Will add St. Ambrose to my prayers too. May God bless you.


2020-08-23 12:59:43

I commend your efforts and pray for your support.


2020-08-23 13:02:05

America Bless God!

Mary Ruffcorn

2020-08-23 13:06:50

God Bless you all and keep you in his care. Thank you for fighting for the children!


2020-08-23 13:11:36

God bless you all!


2020-08-23 13:11:59

God bless you! Please pray for Michigan too


2020-08-23 13:30:33

GOD BLESS You All??♥️✝️???


2020-08-23 13:31:31

Offering my prayers!


2020-08-23 13:33:04

God Bless You

Lisa Anderson

2020-08-23 13:38:23

Thank you for caring about children

McCann Family

2020-08-23 13:47:35



2020-08-23 13:50:40

Good luck! Keep up the good fight, God bless!


2020-08-23 13:52:22

God bless


2020-08-23 13:54:36

I'm afraid this will spread through other regions. We have to unite.

Bob & Kate Robbins

2020-08-23 14:11:53

"Like a muddied stream is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked." Proverbs 25:26

Jason and Grace Simon

2020-08-23 14:13:27

Thank you for being bold and courageous, St. Ambrose leadership! We are glad to help you provide this check to our local government’s power.

Larry Stich

2020-08-23 14:19:46

And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by, From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remember'd; We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition: And gentlemen in England now a-bed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.


2020-08-23 14:23:10

May God bless you on this fight. These children are our future.

Darrell &Kathy Johnson

2020-08-23 14:23:57

please know you are in our prayers.

Helen Lurquin

2020-08-23 14:31:11

Fight for our religious freedom !


2020-08-23 14:34:17

May God bless you!

John and Diane LeVeque

2020-08-23 14:35:42

May God Bless all those who dedicate their time, talent and resources to ensure a strong Christian foundation in the youth of Madison and the United States. Our continuing prayers are with St. Ambrose and with all Catholic Schools. Thank you for faithfully promoting and living out the virtues of a strong Catholic education.

Mike /

2020-08-23 14:48:40

Good luck and God bless!


2020-08-23 14:49:33


2020-08-23 15:16:48



2020-08-23 15:17:10

God's Blessing


2020-08-23 15:17:17

You go team... thank you for standing for our rights!

Karen Birling

2020-08-23 15:35:09

Thanks for the efforts from a fellow Catholic school family!


2020-08-23 15:39:44

St Francis Xavier Cross Plains thanks you!

Goldman family

2020-08-23 15:55:29

May God’s will be done! #ChooseHope


2020-08-23 16:00:40

Our Lady of Covadonga We should ask Our Lady for the grace to never doubt a victory that we are sure she wants – even if it seems impossible. We should do everything we can to achieve that goal and trust that she will give the final victory.


2020-08-23 16:03:46

God Bless from New Jersey


2020-08-23 16:07:31

Praying you win! God bless you!


2020-08-23 16:29:55

Virgin Most powerful, pray for us!

Beth M

2020-08-23 16:31:58

Praying for all of you!


2020-08-23 16:34:20

Prayers for successful defense & protection of religious liberty.

Greg Wagner

2020-08-23 16:42:59

Many prayers for the success of this effort.


2020-08-23 16:48:26

Prayers and support from ALCS family


2020-08-23 16:49:38

Bishop Morlino, pray for us!

Moyer Family

2020-08-23 16:52:54



2020-08-23 16:58:28

US Grace Force prayer warrior from MN


2020-08-23 17:20:36

St. Micheal the archangel defend in battle...


2020-08-23 17:21:55

Public schools should suffer the consequences for not reopening, parents should have a choice to send to private during these “unprecedented” times. School choice.

Tracye McArdle

2020-08-23 17:22:47

Praying for your victory.


2020-08-23 17:27:38

Never quit, never surrender your or your students rights.


2020-08-23 17:28:15

God bless you for all that you do!

Candy Hartmann

2020-08-23 17:28:45

Praying for all teachers and students.

Vitucci Family

2020-08-23 17:31:51

Religious Freedom!

Hopeful Future Catholic School Parents

2020-08-23 17:32:49

Praying for our nation, our church, And our president

Carol G.

2020-08-23 17:36:19

Let’s fight for the kids!

Susan Allen

2020-08-23 17:39:38

God bless your efforts.

Bob M

2020-08-23 17:41:05

County Health Dept will not provide the SCIENCE behind this order, because there isn't any. Blessings on your mission.

Niehus Family

2020-08-23 17:42:50

We support your effort to instruct students in person.

Mark Kolter

2020-08-23 17:47:50



2020-08-23 17:56:03

For our grandchildren who attend St. Francis Xavier in Cross Plains


2020-08-23 17:58:28

Thank you for fighting for our kids!!


2020-08-23 18:01:41

Our modest gift is without question in support of protecting our right and duty to maintain religious liberty, but it's also in the spirit of protecting TRUE public health! Kids, adults, businesses -- all of us! -- are being crushed by the severe isolation measures; far worse than any impacts of the virus itself. We say 'Amen' to letting science and faith lead us! -- and therefore we should heed the data of the past 6 months and stop living in fear of a virus on par with annual flu & cold outcomes. God bless this effort and may we help Him make America holy again!

Jon and Mary Aleckson

2020-08-23 18:02:50

Please fight Dane County all the way to the Supreme Court! What they have mandated and the timing is outrageous. They are not playing fair and thus they have caused financial And mental harm.

Max & Mary Anne Brown

2020-08-23 18:10:15

$300 donation is given in honor of Joan Carey


2020-08-23 18:10:20

Our prayers for our schools, children, teachers, and administrators!

Mary Joestgen

2020-08-23 18:13:46

Praying for your mission!

Torrey & Stephanie Jaeckle

2020-08-23 18:13:54

We have a right - an obligation - as parents to ensure our children receive a proper and adequate education.

Kathy & Dave Brusky

2020-08-23 18:22:28

May the Lord Bless this effort to preserve our religious freedoms.

Roger and Tricia Bowden

2020-08-23 18:34:59

Thank you for standing up for our rights!!

Bonnie Jean Held

2020-08-23 18:40:11

SO wrong what Dane County is trying to impose! TY for the fight!

Joseph & Vicki Zaffino

2020-08-23 18:52:19

God Bless you for doing this. Where is the diocease?

Michael Scarinci

2020-08-23 18:57:23

We need more Catholics and Americans like yourselves. Thank you for your fortitude.

Riel whitney family

2020-08-23 19:12:15

School choice

Janet McKellar

2020-08-23 19:25:54

How do I pay for my donation? Will you email me on instructions? Thank you. Janet McKellar


2020-08-23 19:34:12

Prayers for the success of this mission

Sam and Joel Webb

2020-08-23 19:39:26

God bless and keep up the good work.

Krugs from St. James

2020-08-23 19:45:44

Thanks for leading this fight.


2020-08-23 19:54:32

May Jesus, Mary, and Joseph bless you and walk with you on this Journey

Meagan & Eric Stoner

2020-08-23 19:56:50

Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness ' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Jim and Virginia Carrano

2020-08-23 19:57:13

God bless and protect our Catholic Schools.

Bruce S. & Kathleen M. Kasprzyk

2020-08-23 19:58:00

We are happy to help. I am gratified that people are starting to take a stand against the lawlessness of government.

Patricia Lopez

2020-08-23 20:00:05

You are in my prayers and thank you for standing up for our children and faith. God bless, Patricia Lopez

Susan Nolin

2020-08-23 20:11:51

My prayers are with you and thanks for taking a stand to get this children back to this awesome Catholic St. Ambrose School. May God bless all of you for your fine efforts to fight this case.


2020-08-23 20:18:07

My Catholic schooling is what saved me and brought me back to my faith. At 76 I am a prayer warrior for schools like yours. God bless your efforts.


2020-08-23 20:34:07

My children go to Edgewood but this affects all of us in the Madison community.


2020-08-23 21:29:04

Jesus I trust in you!


2020-08-23 21:30:58

Schools worked hand in hand with the county throughout the summer to establish safe, robust reopening plans. After swiftly reminding the county of these facts, I trust St. Ambrose will use any excess funds to educate any MMSD students who are looking to improve their educational prospects at St. Ambrose. Thank you St. Ambrose for leading the charge. My student does not attend your school, but I'm happy that you are leading the efforts on our behalf. I am hoping you represent all Dane County schools that are impacted.

Martha Sears

2020-08-23 21:38:17

Praying for you all to prevail!

MN supporter of Catholic education

2020-08-23 21:41:04

Praying for courage for Bishop Hying to stand up to Dane County. Maybe Beckett Fund could help.

Paula Ramos

2020-08-23 21:55:32

I will keep you in my prayers!


2020-08-23 22:05:05

In honor of our holy, teaching priests Fr. James Altman and Fr. Robert Schaller. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Pray for us!

Stephanie Ponticas

2020-08-23 22:25:36

God bless you. Mary, Queen Mother, we ask for your help.

Friend in Christ

2020-08-23 23:02:11

God bless our Catholic schools!


2020-08-23 23:02:11

Prayers included!


2020-08-23 23:09:03

“The greatest obstacle in the apostolate of the Church is the timidity or rather the cowardice of the faithful.” God bless all of you + Thank you for your courage to provide All Kids with a good education with Christian morals + teachings, despite the obstacles in this PLANdemic! All Christians Rising!!! Christus Vincit!!!

Deborah Tuite

2020-08-23 23:20:22

I’m the grandmother of six students attending Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Freedom of religion is our heritage! May you win the fight for all!

Colin and Marie Crowley

2020-08-23 23:24:56

Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously. - G. K. Chesterton

Mater Dei Tours

2020-08-23 23:25:56

Praying for God’s Will to be done as you champion this cause! God bless all at St. Ambrose.


2020-08-23 23:38:30

God Bless


2020-08-23 23:53:05

Asking Our Lady to intercede for this most precious cause of our children: "I despair of nothing I ask of thee. Show thyself my Mother!"

Kari Livingston

2020-08-24 00:02:07

Thank you ! Please fight for these children.

Esch Family

2020-08-24 00:59:32

St. Maria Goretti and Edgewood High School of the Sacred Heart


2020-08-24 01:17:47

May God bless St. Ambrose Academy and Bishop Hying

Kevin and Denise

2020-08-24 01:22:54

We are with you. Fight the good fight. God bless you in your work, God bless our kids and teachers and God bless America!

Justin and Jodi Corbit

2020-08-24 02:00:37

God bless you for taking on this fight and good luck!

gabriela andrade

2020-08-24 02:01:50

Put the Children Back in Catholic Schools. But Please!! protect our children from the world of Lies, fear and predator priests .I'm so afraid anymore for the Catholic church and the lack of reverence of Holy Tradition. Let's go back to the Traditional Latin Mass and the Baltimore Catechism.

St Jerome, Columbus Parent

2020-08-24 02:04:33

Thank you for your efforts. These "emergency orders" need to stop.

Nick and Nicole Muller & Family

2020-08-24 02:23:52

Our children go to St. Als and we are happy to help the children go back to school


2020-08-24 02:24:36

May God bless and protect you!


2020-08-24 02:33:59

The coordinated attacks against faithful Catholics continues from the outside as well as from the inside's cowardly Bishops who cowardly & unfaithfully allow it.

Jo Haffele

2020-08-24 02:35:36

God Bless the children in your schools and all schools. May God grant you the blessing of a victorious win. May all these donations be blessed by God as well. Ave Maria.

Karlen's at St Anns School

2020-08-24 02:38:04

Fight the good fight! Our Principal and staff have worked tirelessly to make in-person school a reality!


2020-08-24 02:38:50

Thank you for standing up and fighting this! Liberal secularists keep moving the goal posts to hoard power and must be stopped. St. Michael, protect us in battle!

Marcie Heil

2020-08-24 02:41:58

Stay strong! ??

Shannon and Jeff

2020-08-24 03:03:10

Thank you for your work!! Praying for a positive outcome.

Blachowicz Family - Sacred Hearts & Edgewood High School

2020-08-24 03:44:14

Revise Order # 9 to exclude Private Schools.


2020-08-24 03:48:37


Dave and Sue Hogg

2020-08-24 04:05:58

Sending prayers

Dan & Rita Endres

2020-08-24 04:13:13

We're praying for a successful outcome.

Steve and Laura Karlen

2020-08-24 04:45:24

"Open wide the doors to Christ!" --SJPII


2020-08-24 05:13:33

Madison Waldorf School


2020-08-24 05:23:10

God bless the children and their teachers protect them from evil. We ask this in Jesus Christ’s name Amen


2020-08-24 06:47:56

Thank you for fighting this St Ambrose! The St James is behind you!

James Barkey

2020-08-24 10:09:11

Good luck and GOD bless!

The Ackermans

2020-08-24 11:26:37

I’m happy to help the Church take a stand.


2020-08-24 12:59:14

On behalf of Trinity Lutheran kids, partners in Christ.


2020-08-24 13:11:08

Friends of Edgewood Campus School

Michael Kauper

2020-08-24 13:19:01

From another parent tired of all the political games ! MAGA!!

Denise M Schroeckenthaler

2020-08-24 13:21:32

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Holy Family, guide us all in protecting and fighting for the souls of our children!

cyndi jarvis

2020-08-24 13:57:24

May God Bless your efforts in that you may be a leading in this nations fight for our children. I wish you every grace and strength needed for this battle.


2020-08-24 14:03:17

My prayers are with you!


2020-08-24 14:15:20

May God be glorified. Proverbs 3:5-6 Romans 8:28 Philippians 4:4-8 Hebrews 10:25


2020-08-24 14:18:32

From St. Francis Xavier parents who support all families desiring in-person instruction for their children. May God bless this effort!


2020-08-24 14:43:02

Thank you so much for taking on this fight.


2020-08-24 15:33:40

Things have gone too far. Thanks for taking on this fight.


2020-08-24 15:35:50

God bless you for taking on this fight!

Leo Zupan

2020-08-24 15:52:13

Prayers, too.


2020-08-24 15:54:38

Happy to give to a good cause! It’s time to take a stand for our children.


2020-08-24 16:37:11

Good luck with your efforts! Dane County Health has gone way overboard with many of its pandemic-related restrictions.

St. Francis Xavier grandparent

2020-08-24 16:40:50

God bless your efforts


2020-08-24 17:59:21

Praying for your success.


2020-08-24 18:38:20

Viva Cristo Rey!

Richard & Marie Holdener

2020-08-24 18:56:08

Let's get our kids back in school.

David & Janet Moyer

2020-08-24 19:09:55

Our grandkids need to be in school


2020-08-24 19:23:09

Praying that St. Ambrose and all parish schools will be opened for in-person education now.


2020-08-24 20:04:09

I love my grandchildren and pray for your success with this litigation.


2020-08-24 20:34:05

May you persevere and gain from this challenge. God be with you.

Orlando & Tara Alfonso

2020-08-24 20:53:12

We pray for all Catholic Schools

Elaine Gardner

2020-08-24 21:14:56

Standing with you. Praying for you all! God be with you!

Liz H.

2020-08-25 00:20:45

Thank you St. Ambrose for continuing to take on the poor decisions of this County.

Auntie of St. Ann’s Stoughton WI kids

2020-08-25 01:10:49

Thank you for fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Michael 10:16

Susan Schaller

2020-08-25 01:28:05

I am a teacher at Providence Academy LaCrosse. We need to stand together for our students and Families of Catholic Education. Prayers to you all ?


2020-08-25 02:26:09

Thank you for your efforts. Do partner with Bishop/Diocese for maximum strength and power.

Tim & Susie LeBrun

2020-08-25 03:32:20

Praying for St Ambrose students, staff and families, for their health and safety, and for their freedom to worship and learn.

The Mayfields

2020-08-25 03:59:11

Thank you for leading this fight. This a politically based overreach, with no thought given to the well-being of our children. God bless your efforts- a Westside Christian School family.

Georgina Pérez Holderness

2020-08-25 06:46:52

God Bless You all in your fight to get our children back to Catholic School,


2020-08-25 10:58:31

Praying for you!

David Doll

2020-08-25 12:23:42

With you 100%


2020-08-25 13:59:23

Thank you for fighting the recent "order." God bless all.


2020-08-25 15:00:09

I am not Catholic. But kids need to be in school. Hold the line against government power plays to block reasonable actions by citizens.


2020-08-25 15:25:35

Thank you Ambrosians!


2020-08-25 15:41:05

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

Bill and MaryBeth Bayer

2020-08-25 16:07:01

Blessings on your efforts to support private Catholic education and your fight against tyranny.


2020-08-25 16:43:43

Enough of this!

The Brusa Family (SFX)

2020-08-25 17:05:01

Prayers for a happy, healthy school year for all students, staff and families.

Hugh and Jennifer Wabers

2020-08-25 17:59:48

Thank you for your vigilance


2020-08-25 18:14:18

God Bless You!

Michael and Marlee Promisel

2020-08-25 18:16:32


Kelli Gunn

2020-08-25 18:30:34

Thank you St. Ambrose Academy for standing up to this order. Win or lose, it is important that we, Catholics, argue on our own behalf.


2020-08-25 20:31:51

We believe the BEST education we can provide our children takes place INSIDE their Catholic school classroom!

Diane Frank

2020-08-25 21:36:50

I am donating $50,00 that I saved up for myself, but I want the kids back in school. Hope all goes well and the kids have a great year.


2020-08-26 02:18:40

Thanks for organizing! God Bless!

Nicholas Derr

2020-08-26 02:24:09

We are frustrated as the schools have done everything right to keep kids safe and have received a slap in the face by the county with their 11th hour antics. Enough! Let our kids safely attend school!

Jose Antonio & Elena

2020-08-26 02:27:13

God bless you Fr. Heilman for sacrificing yourself and time to help the future of America. God bless you and all that work with you!!!


2020-08-26 02:56:18

Wish you all success!

DMC - Evanston

2020-08-26 12:31:40

Thank you for your courage!

Theresa J Leyva

2020-08-26 12:40:05

God bless you!

John I McKenna

2020-08-26 12:42:56

God bless you and your work


2020-08-26 13:09:15

God bless you on your efforts , for being a “Living Rosary” - witnesses of modeling the virtues Jesus teaches us through each mystery of the rosary - perseverance, patience, trust, hope, faith, unity, etc. May God pour down his blessings on you and may Our Blessed Mother keep you under the mantle of her protection!

Edward Kurzanski

2020-08-26 13:42:52

God bless your efforts against the tyranny of the county under the pretext of COVID.


2020-08-26 13:46:42

My kids are in catholic schools that opened and I'm sooo thankful. I feel for you. Keep the press coming so we can understand what other help you need.


2020-08-26 13:56:35

Keep fighting for the kids!!!

P. Usher

2020-08-26 14:11:51

GO with this LAWSUIT. there are many people united behind you. This action clearly violates constitutional rights. while you are waiting for the clear victory? go ahead and open the school regardless. what will "they" do? arrest a bunch of first graders? arrest the prinicipal? if they did, you would raise millions on that stupidity of arrest or attempt to shut you down alone. blessings and prayers from a huge supporter of catholic education in eau claire......


2020-08-26 14:31:35

God Bless!

Joe and Kris Harris

2020-08-26 14:32:33

God Bless. Never the wrong time to do what is right.

Jan and Tom Thornton

2020-08-26 15:50:45

May God bless this effort to get the children back into classrooms.

Friends from FW Texas!

2020-08-26 16:04:47

The body of Christ is praying and will prevail!

Joseph Kuthara

2020-08-26 16:49:58

We are with you to standup for your rights. I see a lot of adults on the play ground not wearing mask. Please encourage mask wearing. May God bless you.


2020-08-26 20:39:27

God bless these efforts


2020-08-26 21:44:36

May God bless.


2020-08-26 22:14:45

I'm a teacher and a parent who is not at all afraid to be back in the classroom. Nor am I overly afraid for the safety of my children. The data does not support fear. Thanks for doing this!

Eric and Juli Olson

2020-08-26 22:45:44

Fighting the Good Fight!


2020-08-26 23:19:23

Thank you!


2020-08-27 01:31:03

Thanks for standing up for Truth!! Prayers for your school and cause from a classical school mom across the country.


2020-08-27 02:10:10

Our girls go to Catholic schools in Illinois. I am praying for your cause!! This is EVERYONE'S BATTLE! God bless your steps!

Burcalow Family

2020-08-27 02:11:29

Fighting for kids right to education! Thank you!


2020-08-27 02:40:12

My kids have the benefit of attending in-person Catholic schools here in OK. Our schools have taken many precautions and followed strict public health guidelines as I know your school has done. I pray you will be successful in getting your kids back to school. It is a shame what these politicians in your state are doing.


2020-08-27 03:17:21

God Bless your efforts.

Richard and Mary Kelly

2020-08-28 18:58:47

We stand with you and ask God to grant you the freedom to decide yourselves about when to open your school!! P.S. Thank God for Fr. Heilman!!!

Mary Szydlik

2020-08-28 19:50:25

From Father Heilman's request toward legal fees!

Mary Mattfeld

2020-08-28 20:02:03

Thank you for taking a stand to defend Catholic Schools! I went to Parochial school from K-12 and loved it. I am responding to Fr. Heilman's urgent request to help you in your fight to keep Catholic schools in operation. I thoroughly applaud your work and I am with you in prayer and $ support. God bless your efforts - God bless all our children!

Deacon Jeffrey and Kelly Bond

2020-08-28 20:42:26

God bless your efforts! Donating from Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Monona.

Samantha Bock

2020-08-28 21:48:58

Donating from IHM. Thank you for fighting the good fight!

Colclasure White Family

2020-08-28 22:07:18

Immaculate Heart of Mary School family

Deacon Todd Martin

2020-08-28 22:39:52

Donation in the name of Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Monona, WI

Lisa Bee

2020-08-28 23:18:20

Praying for Divine Intervention! Lord, have mercy <><

Thomas Sracic

2020-08-28 23:58:10

I am from IHM parish.

Aida Vicencio

2020-08-29 00:09:22

We support Fr Richard’s cause to open up school for the kids! They deserve it!

Susan M Robinson

2020-08-29 14:45:35

God bless you in your fight. Holding you in prayer. Be courageous in the face of evil--you will be greatly rewarded.

Ken Kellner

2020-08-29 15:21:59

SMG School


2020-08-30 04:55:50

We support Kyle!

Martin and Cynthia Lutschaunig

2020-08-30 05:56:56

Keep the faith! And may God bless your efforts!!!

Mary & Tim Mattix

2020-08-30 17:25:44

Thank you for leading this fight!

Jerry and Jan Supina

2020-08-30 19:21:12

Praying you prevail.

Mike and Kathy Stickney

2020-08-30 20:36:21

WE are members of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Monona


2020-08-30 21:08:31

I don’t live in Madison, but very much support Catholic schools. Which are about the only ones open in Milwaukee. I can’t believe the government is interfering with our freedom of religion. Hope this little donation helps


2020-08-31 00:36:50

no comment

Katie Elle Miles

2020-08-31 01:22:33

Opening schools is vital. Forcing schools to stay closed is morally and legally wrong. If parents want to keep their kids home and do virtual courses, that's their perrogative. It can't be a forced act. I will gladly donate to help this cause.

Rhea H Fontenot

2020-08-31 16:30:34

Praying for your success

Laura Petranek Arneson

2020-08-31 21:52:39

God is behind us!


2020-08-31 22:53:22

To aid in getting your school back open. Good luck and may God bless you all!

C A Peterson

2020-08-31 22:54:44

Fr. Heilman said you needed some help... will keep the Academy in my prayers. God bless.

Robert and Robin Laine

2020-08-31 23:11:32

Help the school children!

Barbara Riggs

2020-08-31 23:12:55

Saw your appeal from Fr. Richard Heilman. I hope it helps!

Phil and Janet Doll

2020-09-02 15:13:38

Praying for all those taking on this fight for religious and educational freedom!


2020-09-02 19:43:32

IHM family

Catherine Severance

2020-09-04 06:21:18

I want to support this fight. Two of my children are at Benedictine College where the county wants to quarantine the whole campus for two weeks - in their rooms and even off campus houses. House arrest for 2000 students because 39 kids tested positive. Keep up the fight! Don't give up!

Jim Pugh

2020-09-04 14:32:30

Keep fighting for religious freedom!

Bob Joachim

2020-09-04 23:34:50

I am a member of Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in Monona, WI.


2020-09-12 00:35:56

IHM parishioner

Press Release 9/10/20
September 11, 2020, 2:01 am
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Press Release

Update 8/31/20
September 11, 2020, 1:59 am
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Lead the children by your example

At St. Ambrose Academy, the most effective way we teach is by our example of service, faith, and fortitude. That’s why we are fighting for the right of Dane County children to receive the faith-based education their parents desire for them. Thanks to the generous contributions of hundreds of benefactors, big and small, we have secured funding to meet this round of legal expenses, but we still invite you to give to the St. Ambrose Academy mission of Catholic classical education. As our numbers swell, we proclaim ever more boldly that religious liberty is the birthright of every American. Your contribution, as part of a team including parents, staff, and supporters, will help form this generation of children as good citizens and faithful followers of Christ. (See 'Updates' tab for a summary of how this cause began on 8/22/20.)

8/31/2020 Press Release
August 31, 2020, 5:08 pm
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Press Release

8/28/2020 Press Release
August 30, 2020, 11:51 pm
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Press Release

8/26/2020 God is Good!
August 30, 2020, 11:50 pm
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Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. Eccles. 4:9

God is Good!  When we started this journey just a few days ago, we could not have predicted how many friends would unite in this effort to free area families to return to school, if they so choose. How blessed we have been by your solidarity throughout our county, our state, our great nation, and even a boost from the Land Down Under!
Surpassing our initial fundraising goals through your generosity has given us confidence to begin this legal challenge.  Our strength in numbers is grounded in our communion with God, which is why students need the opportunity to grow in a community that welcomes and witnesses His truth and presence.
Brave families across Dane County have been heartened all summer by authoritative recommendations on the importance of returning our children to schools, including the CDC and the AAP, among others.  It greatly helps our effort to be able to demonstrate broad support, which is why we are now assembling parent letters, affidavits from school officials, faculty endorsements, and a record of this phenomenal donor response.  As of now, seven other diocesan parish schools will join us as plaintiffs!
We cannot overstate how powerful the sign of a rallying community will be to this effort, and we joyfully welcome every benefactor to this great cause. We know that benefactors want their gifts to go to the cause, and once we have triumphed in our goal of reopening Dane County schools, whatever is leftover will go to our tuition assistance program, which provides funds for over half our students. Thank you for your teamwork and goodness!  Keep checking back on our progress!

8/23/2020 Enormous Blessings
August 30, 2020, 11:50 pm
facebook twitter

WOW. Look at that total. We are stunned and in awe at how God has moved so many hearts to support this critical cause. Each and every one of you has been an ENORMOUS BLESSING to this effort to keep religious schools open in Dane County for our children. Your financial, spiritual, and moral support have been an incredible witness to the strength of faith in each other and in God. We are AMAZED at what we’ve been able to accomplish together! 

Because of your generosity, we are now able to confidently proceed with the first step in taking legal action. You have empowered us to take a leap of faith we never could have imagined. In truth, we don’t know how or where this will end. Further donations will only bolster our resolve and strengthen our hands for whatever future action may be required. We will keep you updated with the latest developments. Please keep Dane County students in your prayers, and pray that this legal effort might free them to return to school.

8/23/2020 Update
August 30, 2020, 11:49 pm
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We are profoundly grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors who have joined us in this effort to keep religious schools open in Dane County. 

We have raised our next goal to $80,000, given the uncertainty surrounding the duration and complexity of possible legal proceedings.  

Thank you for your spiritual and financial support of our children’s right to religious education.

We also beg your prayers. May Our Lady of Good Help, who appeared to Adele Brise in Champion, Wisconsin with the words, "Go into the wilderness, gather the children, and teach them what they need to know for salvation," intercede for us mightily.

8/22/2020 About the Lawsuit
August 30, 2020, 11:48 pm
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Update 8/22/2020 

A group of plaintiffs including parents and St. Ambrose Academy are taking legal action to contest Public Health Madison & Dane County Emergency Order #9. The Order prohibits county schools from offering in-person religious education to students in grades 3-12, both now and in the indeterminate future. In-person learning is important to all children, but especially to low-income families, many of whom are served by religious schools. 

The emergency order, the ninth of its kind, was issued at 5:18 p.m. on Friday, August 21, only days before St. Ambrose Academy was scheduled to reopen and a mere sixty hours before other religious schools were prepared to begin instruction. In issuing the Order, the County failed to take into account the extensive and comprehensive measures religious schools had put in place to ensure a safe reopening. 

St. Ambrose Academy, like many other religious schools in the county, is spending countless hours and many thousands of dollars putting into place the safety precautions mandated in Emergency Order #8 that was issued on July 7 (which was followed by a host of additional public health documents at the county and state level). St. Ambrose, for example, has at great expense nearly doubled its facility space to ensure Public Health Madison & Dane County’s social distancing guidelines can be met.

Despite the good faith efforts many religious schools have made in recent months to adhere to Dane County’s health guidelines to ensure the safe return of students and staff, by issuing Emergency Order #9, Dane County has dealt county religious schools a crushing blow by holding them to far higher standards than other businesses.

Emergency Order #9 directly impinges on families’ rights to provide a religious education for their children in accord with the dictates of their consciences. St. Ambrose is working with expert legal counsel to appeal for swift relief from this Order. The Academy is incurring significant legal expenses. Legal challenges of this nature are costly, and the Academy anticipates legal fees of $60,000 or more if it is necessary to carry our appeal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. If we are successful, all religious schools will benefit, so we beg all religious schools, families, and those who care about the freedom to educate our children as we see fit to help fund the expense. 

Join us to ensure that parents may exercise their right to obtain religious education for their children in Dane County with in-person instruction, so necessary to a child’s development. 

Please help St. Ambrose Academy cover the legal expenses of this challenge. 

FAQ St Ambrose
August 30, 2020, 11:48 pm
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Where will the unused funds go?

Any unused funds will go to tuition assistance for students to be administered by St. Ambrose Academy.

What is the mission of St. Ambrose Academy?

St. Ambrose Academy is an accredited Catholic school whose mission is to assist parents in the formation of their children by providing a classical education rooted in the Catholic faith. Aware that all truth has its origin and end in the person of Jesus Christ, our students study Catholic theology and college preparatory subjects through the teachings of the Magisterium and the primary works of civilization’s greatest thinkers. Offered regular access to the Sacraments and mentored by teachers who foster a deep love of Jesus Christ, students see and are led to imitate the virtues which joyfully compel a life lived in knowledge, love, and service of Christ and His Church.

What does the Catechism say about education?

“As those first responsible for the education of their children, parents have the right to choose a school for them which corresponds to their own convictions. This right is fundamental. As far as possible parents have the duty of choosing schools that will best help them in their task as Christian educators. Public authorities have the duty of guaranteeing this parental right and of ensuring the concrete conditions for its exercise.” - Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2229

Responses to Common Questions >> Aug. 23, 2020
August 26, 2020, 2:37 am
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1. Why are religious schools prevented from opening as scheduled this fall?

On Friday August 21, Public Health Madison & Dane County issued Emergency Order # 9 prohibiting in-person education for grades 3-12.

2. Why can’t Catholic schools just do online learning until the coronavirus risk has passed?

The Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education reminds us that “The extent to which the Christian message is transmitted through education depends to a very great extent on the teachers. The integration of culture and faith is mediated by the other integration of faith and life in the person of the teacher.”

The faith is not shared through a computer monitor, but by the engagement between students and believers in Jesus Christ. Virtual instruction is a stopgap measure but is no substitute for Catholic education. The school closure order does not have any fixed length. Schools could be closed for months or even the whole year. Six months or a year is a long time in a child’s life, during this important time of maturation they cannot be deprived of the benefits of a religious education without the risk of serious consequences.

3. Many public schools have chosen to close, why should religious schools be allowed to open?

The Fathers of the Second Vatican Council teach us that every baptized Christian has a right to a Catholic education. Moreover, the Council Fathers proclaim “the right of the Church freely to establish and to conduct schools of every type and level. And the council calls to mind that the exercise of a right of this kind contributes in the highest degree to the protection of freedom of conscience, the rights of parents, as well as to the betterment of culture itself.”
We recognize legitimate health and safety regulations, but the arbitrary and open-ended closure of Catholic schools not only endangers the survival of those schools but puts at risk the religious formation of youth.

4. Are children unnecessarily endangered by in-person education?

The US Center for Disease Control writes that “The best available evidence indicates if children become infected, they are far less likely to suffer severe symptoms…. Death rates among school-aged children are much lower than among adults.” Many states are permitting their schools to open, including Minnesota, New York, and California. Even the State of Wisconsin has not closed schools, recognizing that with proper cautionary measures in-person teaching can be carried out safely.

5. On what grounds is the order to close schools being challenged?

The Constitution of the State of Wisconsin offers significant protections for religious liberty. Governments need to use minimally invasive means to achieve their legitimate governmental purposes, such as protecting public health. Because parents have a constitutionally protected right to pass on their faith to their children through religious schools, the County and City cannot impose restrictions not faced by other commercial organizations. A state statutory claim will also be raised, which would apply to both religious and secular schools.

6. How will the order be challenged?

We are engaging an experienced appellate attorney who will present the legal argument to City and County officials, urging them to reconsider the school closure order. If necessary, a suit will be filed asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to consider the measure on an expedited basis.

7. If successful will all religious schools be allowed to open?

It is impossible to know how the Court will rule, but the constitutional arguments would apply to religious schools of any denomination, not just Catholic ones. In addition, the statutory arguments will apply to all schools including non-religious ones.

8. Lawyers are expensive, how will the legal action be funded?

St. Ambrose Academy has established a crowdfunding site to raise the funds needed to cover the legal fees. Donors from across the country and even around the world have been extremely generous. Please help out if you can at Any funds not required for legal fees will go to tuition assistance for students to be administered by St. Ambrose Academy.

9. How long will it take to get an answer from the Supreme Court?

It is not possible to determine. However, if the Court takes an interest it has the capacity to reach a decision in a matter of days.

10. Does the Diocese of Madison support St. Ambrose Academy’s legal efforts?

Diocesan Superintendent of Schools Michael Lancaster wrote on Aug. 23, 2020, in a letter to parochial school principals, “If you have individual families or parents who want to do something to support the effort, please direct them to If they have already been contacted, please assure them that this is legitimate…”.

11. Will the Catholic Diocese of Madison also be taking legal action?

No. Diocesan Superintendent of Schools Michael Lancaster wrote on Aug. 23, 2020 that the Diocese will not be filing a separate legal action.

12. Can religious schools safely offer in-person instruction?

Public Health Madison and Dane County (PHMDC) has ordered specific preparations that all Dane County businesses must make to continue in operation (Order #8
In addition, PHMDC has published a detailed “K-12 School Requirements During Covid-19”.
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has provided “Guidlines for the Prevention, Investigation, and Control of COVID-19 Outbreaks in Schools” Each school is different but St. Ambrose Academy has a detailed and extensive reopening plan taking into account this guidance that implements hygiene measures and protective measures and includes specific steps to take should a student or staff member come down with the virus.

13. How will St. Ambrose Academy socially distance students?

St. Ambrose Academy is leasing additional classroom space on Old Sauk Road nearly doubling our available classroom space and reducing the number of students who will assemble in classroom areas. Junior High will be at the Old Sauk Road site and Senior High students will be at the Evergreen Drive site.

14. What does the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) have to say on the importance of reopening schools?

“As families and policymakers make decisions about their children returning to school, it is important to consider the full spectrum of benefits and risks of both in-person and virtual learning options. Parents are understandably concerned about the safety of their children at school in the wake of COVID-19. The best available evidence indicates if children become infected, they are far less likely to suffer severe symptoms…. Death rates among school-aged children are much lower than among adults. At the same time, the harms attributed to closed schools on the social, emotional, and behavioral health, economic well-being, and academic achievement of children, in both the short- and long-term, are well-known and significant. Further, the lack of in-person educational options disproportionately harms low-income and minority children and those living with disabilities. These students are far less likely to have access to private instruction and care and far more likely to rely on key school-supported resources like food programs, special education services, counseling, and after-school programs to meet basic developmental needs.”,staff%20and%20all%20their%20families.&text=CDC%20COVID%20Data%20Tracker.

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