Saturday, September 23rd:

This event, if sold out, will achieve our goal to establish a 508c1a. See you there!

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New York Freedom Rally grew from dozens of activists at Union Square in 2020 into a grassroots movement of tens of thousands throughout the city and Tri-state area. This was made possible by a resounding call for health autonomy, self-empowerment, and spiritual awakening.

In the midst of unprecedented polarization, Freedom Rally set a unifying foundation for New Yorkers from all ethnic backgrounds, age groups, and political persuasions to peacefully rally and march together in the name of human rights. They consistently provided a platform for everyday New Yorkers, as well as prominent academics, medical and law experts, to proliferate their message to millions throughout the world, despite deafening silence from news outlets and aggressive censorship on social media.

NYFR has consistently supported and partnered with parental and labor groups throughout the state to pursue ongoing legal battles to reclaim employment and education rights. As of summer 2022, roughly one quarter of the city population has not complied with health "guidance" according to official data - amounting to well over 1 million New Yorkers who continue to struggle without income and face ongoing attempts by city and state regulators to coerce, segregate, disenfranchise and dehumanize their families.

This is where this fundraiser comes in. New York Freedom Rally is forming a private membership association to allocate resources directly to the people who need them the most. With a broad network of skilled and experienced professionals, including but not limited to those terminated due to their medical choices, this is our most promising opportunity to build meaningful alternatives to imploding systems that is fundamentally harmful to our families and children.

The Freedom Rally team has developed strong alliances with business and property owners with a proven commitment to respecting natural rights, and a willingness to host regular events until we are able to afford our own space. Our goal is to provide a variety of basic services, and even employment opportunities, including:

- Homeschooling & enrichment programs

- Natural health clinics

- Food drives & pantries

- Farming & preservation workshops

- Lawful notice action committees

- Counseling & faith ministry

- Community outreach & education

- Visual & performing arts

- Newsletter & podcasting

Over the years, NYFR and other grassroots groups have hosted many events like these out of their own pocket. They have established a wide-reaching network within the city, and throughout the United States. Countless New Yorkers young and old are looking for productive ways to engage with this community, and we look forward to recruiting new volunteers, employees and board members as this project matures.

In order to establish a framework to provide these services outside the jurisdiction of tyrannical regulators, we will need professional guidance to properly file paperwork, costing a few thousand dollars. The more we are able to raise after this step, the more services we will be able to provide. Once the organization is formally established, this fundraiser will be closed.

In order to minimize membership fees and make these services available to those who need it most, NYFR is asking for donations from individuals with savings or expendable income, and a desire to participate in the creation of truly resilient systems independent from those who wish to collateralize and enslave us. Our core values - individual rights, family progeny, and belief in God - are still under attack, and we pledge to uphold them at all costs. 

We are deeply grateful to the thousands of people who have answered our call and shown strength in numbers, both on the ground and online. In spite of the challenges we have faced, and will continue to face, we are determined to push forward and never cower in fear of the tyrants attempting to rob us of our humanity and our future. More than ever, we must shine a bright light into the darkness that surrounds us. With faith in God, and each other, anything is possible, and we will be protected. Thank you for standing with us.

God bless you, God bless New York, and God bless America