Hello. We sustained an almost direct hit from Hurricaine Ian. We live in North Port Florida. Our Home sustained structural exterior wall damage, roof damage, and destruction of our pool cage which is not insured. We have an $8000 hurricane deductible and were forced to temporarily relocate to a hotel inTampa with 3 adults, a Neapolitan Mastiff, and a cat. My wife was able to collect her pay through 9/30/2022, but needed to get back online (she manages a medical bill review unit remotely from home).In addition to the Hurricane deductible, we are incurring expensive hotel costs until such time that power and internet are restored to our home. We had to incur significant costs to remove dangerous trees from the house and pool area. We had only lived in Florida 2 months before Hurricane Ian hit. I am disabled with severe back and knee problems. We are also currently supporting our son who is in the process of looking for work. To say the least, this time has been very stressful and disruptive to our lives. We are fortunate to be safe and have not been victim to the total destruction that some of our Florida neighbors have experienced. I am asking for your help to get my family back on its feet. My pledge is to donate any excess funds received to https://www.floridadisasterfund.org in order to support our Florida neighbors. Thank you for your consideration.