High, my name is Noel Bray.

I write this not to brag or be lifted up in anyway, but so that you can make a better decision about whether or not to send a friendly financial gift to me through this campaign.

With God's help:

I have created some free digital products for people to enjoy, to point people to truth, to point people to Jesus—God, and to help people in other ways too. The free digital products are available on different pages of my website (https://www.noelbray.com) depending on what type of digital product it is. You can find them on my site's webpages: Fiction eBook page, eCards page, Christian Liturgical Calendar page, My Testimony page, Health And Fitness Workouts page (The 4 Workout).

I also witness in song, word, and deed in walmart, other stores, the local spring, and elsewhere. I have been doing this for many years several times a week from any where around and between thirty minutes up to sixty minutes or ninety minutes or sometimes even longer. Currently, I usually do it once a week at the very least. It's hard to do it as much as I was doing it before because of lack of finances and other reasons. But, when I believe God is leading me to do it, I do my best do it despite those reasons, how I feel, and whether I want to or not; and even when I don't feel led to do it or don't feel like doing it, I choose to do it despite those reasons because people need Jesus and because God tells us in His Bible in many ways to witness, to go out and make disciples.

We—Christians must vote for people who are and whose policies are the most inline with God's Bible; we must vote for good laws inline with God's Bible; we must repeal bad laws—laws that are contrary to God's Word and our God-given freedoms and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of our Constitutional Republic; and we must stand up for and peaceably fight for our God-given, Constitutionally affirmed, rights—freedoms which will help #SaveAmerica; but to truly #SaveAmerica and to truly bring lasting godly change to America we must witness in word and deed to family, friends, and others in hopes that they will truly repent of their sins, be born again, and thereby not be thrown into the lake of fire (hell) which was made for the wicked one and his demons; we have to tell people the truth according to God's Written Revelation, His Bible; we must fervently pray; we must pray for America; we must pray that God will remove the veil of deception that is over Americans' and other peoples' eyes; we must pray that God will help people see, hear, understand, know, and feel the truth; we must pray, repent, and humble ourselves as Christians and return to God and live by His Word and not according to the whims of men and women nor worldly worldviews nor destructive ideologies; we must maintain our integrity; we must be consistent; we must boldly stand uncompromisingly, unwaveringly, and unapologetically on God's Bible from the very first verse to the very last verse as well as our Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values; we must boldly speak the truth out love because people need to hear the truth even if they don't like it or want to hear it;  we must expose lies with the truth because people are being deceived by the evil one, evil people, and their own hearts; we must refute unbiblical worldviews with God's Word; we must pray that God will help there to be another Great Awakening in America the likes of which the world has never seen—such that all or at least the vast majority of Americans and all or at least the vast majority of those who set foot in America will truly repent of their sins and truly come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, be truly born again, and then read and live by God's Bible every day for the rest of their lives and vote according to it and peacefully stand up for and fight for our God-given rights—freedoms, our Constitution, our Judeo-Christian values and the good things America was built on; we have to combat darkness with light. Out of love in hopes to rescue them from hell, Jesus told people the truth, Jesus did not compromise, Jesus told people to repent (turn from) their sins and believe on Him, Jesus told people to follow Him, Jesus used scripture to refute the evil one, evil, untruth, and people; Jesus spoke about hell twice as much as heaven; Jesus obeyed The Father; Jesus stood uncompromisingly, unwaveringly, unapologetically on His, God's Scriptures; Jesus told people the truth out of love for them and people were offended by Him, The Word, The Truth so we must not let fear of offending people or of anything keep us from standing up for the truth nor from telling people the truth; we must realize and accept that the truth is going to offend people because the truth—light offends people who are held captive by lies, the darkness, the evil one, destructive ideologies, worldly worldviews, their sins, and their own prideful rebellious hearts; we must do these things spoken about here and do our best to obey and do what is written in God's Bible to fuel the Great Awakening so that the vast majority of people in America will be pointed and drawn to The Father—The Son Jesus Christ—The Holy Spirit—God, repent of their sins, be truly born again, and do their best to live for God by living and voting inline with His Bible, and return to the Judeo-Christian values, founding principles, freedoms our Fore Fathers founded America on and all those who suffered, experienced material and physical loss, and experienced mental distress, bled, and even died fighting for. America will return to God and be a bright and shining light for God and His glory and His Kingdom once again if we Christians take responsibility, take a stand, draw a line in the sand, do our part, and do what God told us to do in His Bible. If every Christian did something for God and to help save America and, or support those who are doing something for God and to help save America, I believe America, Americans, and those visiting could be saved and radically changed very quickly for God's glory and kingdom, especially since the Only True Living Lord God Almighty: YHWH—Who Is All Powerful, All Knowing, In Complete Control, Still The Supreme Ruler Of The Universe And Everything In It—Loves Us, Is With Us, Is For Us, Is In Us.

For God; For God's Glory; For God's Kingdom; hoping, praying, and desiring for such a Great Awakening and other great things to occur, With God's Help, I have witnessed and witness in song, word, and deed in walmart, other stores, the local spring, and elsewhere; and have made free digital products; and have done and do other things to help people, to point people to the truth, to point people to God, to help save and turn all or the vast majority in America back to God and His Word, to help save America, and to help increase and further God's Kingdom. To God Be The Glory!

I have not done nor do I do what I do with regards to witnessing and to help save America and such things for financial gain nor to be lifted up in any way; and with God's help, I will continue witnessing and may eventually make even more free digital products and do other things to give people to the truth, to point people to God, to help people truly be born again, and to help save America even if no one sends me a friendly financial gift.

No pressure whatsoever, but if you would like to send me a friendly financial gift:

  • because you believe God is leading you to
  • because you were helped by any of my free digital products
  • because someone was helped by any of my free digital products
  • for me making free digital products available online for free, and, or to download for free, and, or to share for free
  • as a thank you gift for any free digital product or anything else or any reason
  • to support my work, my endeavors
  • to support my witnessing-ministry-mission-evangelistic efforts
  • for any other reason

then feel free to send a friendly financial gift to me through this campaign. 

Whether or not you choose or feel led to send me a friendly financial gift, I say with my whole heart: I hope you prosper and that things, life goes well for you, and I wish you well and many blessings; but to those who send me a friendly financial gift for whatever reason, I say with my whole heart: I Greatly Appreciate You For Doing That And I Greatly Thank You For Doing That, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

God's Imperfect Bondservant who is doing his best to pursue righteousness, holiness, purity, and to live and vote according to God's Bible because Jesus saved me and I love God, wishing you the best and many blessings,