Will you help the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (NMFA) collaborate to restore New Mexico?

We are a non-partisan coalition working to restore and maintain freedom for New Mexicans in all domains of life, including health, employment, education, and personal sovereignty. NMFA's Vision is to help align organizations from around the state to accomplish more together. Thus, everything we do, and every accomplishment, is achieved in partnership. Our goal is to foster unified action across differences in an era of intentional division. We need your help to keep our organization effective and sustainable.

Many of you have helped the NMFA with your time, caring, and support, especially for specific campaigns. Thank you!

Although we are all unpaid volunteers, the lion's share of our ongoing expenses (web hosting, email service, technical support, zoom account, printing costs, special outreach campaigns, etc.) amount to several thousand dollars per year.  With your help in 2022, we were able to pay all our bills in 2023. Yay!

We need your continued support to raise $3,900 to cover our budget for 2024. Together, we can accomplish all we want to do together in the coming year!

2023 NMFA Successes:

Here are some highlights of our accomplishments over the last year:

  • Enabled New Mexicans to engage with local and state officials with numerous EASY Calls to Action.

  • Assisted local activists advocating for the elimination of COVID vaccine mandates for students at UNM and NMSU. These mandates are now gone!

  • Advocated for and against important legislation, with collaborative success of more than 1 million calls and emails to legislators, which helped in stopping legislation that would have harmed gun rights, raised gas prices, created "safe spaces" for illegal drug use, and more.

  • Highlighted how the current educational system is failing NM children while advocating for parent, teacher, and student rights and educational alternatives.

  • Challenged age-inappropriate sexually explicit surveys and content in NM schools.

  • Organized across NM and the USA with other grassroots organizations for nationwide Save the Kids educational outreach about transgender indoctrination in schools and harms of medical gender transition for children, with participants in NM, ND, NJ, TX, and WA.

This is a sampling of the activities the NMFA has contributed to in New Mexico and nationally over the last year!

Your financial contribution will help us continue our mission to advance freedom across New Mexico. Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue our outreach efforts, print materials for educating the public, coordinate statewide meetings and activities, and increase our statewide calls-to-action.

With your support, we can continue this important work for New Mexico!