New Journey has an office! As with anything... a little backstory first.

In the early 1980s, Cecil and Andy Dickson started Dickson's Pure Honey. A few of the more mature members of our community may remember such. It didn't take long for that company to grow and require its own space, sparking the construction of the "Honey House". That company lasted until 1995 when health and economic reasons caused it to close. Around 2000, part of the building was remodeled for an apartment. Tim Dickson and Ryan Haverlah were its first occupants and for the last 20ish years has served as a capable dwelling for many young and young at heart. 

In 2018, New Journey San Angelo was born, and, as it is growing, is also requiring it's own space! The area that was being used for an apartment is now being utilized for an office and clubhouse/hangout/etc. for the youth that we are serving. In honor of it's heritage, and because it will be the first official place for our "colony" to gather, we are dubbing it "The Hive"!

We need to get some remodeling done, but it's a fairly blank slate. The walls are already a warm mint green, similar to our logo color but a bit more comfy. The general idea is to add a home theater for movie nights, teleconferences, trainings and meetings. The kitchen may need some updating but is fully functional as it sits. We will have a few desks with computers/laptops for the youth to use that may not have those items readily available. These will be much more for education, job training/searching, and homework, than gaming or entertainment. We would also like to add a conference table for board use and board games! If you have like new/mint/new condition items you would like to donate, please contact us. A fair market value will be contributed to/deducted from the campaign. Some ideas:

Home theater system for meetings, trainings, conferences, and youth nights.
Comfy living room furniture for youth nights and general (I know it's an old fogey term now but...) chillin'. 
A couple of computer desks
Mini PCs or laptops
Counter height chairs for conference table/board game area
A good quality printer/copier
A few kitchen and bath items
Washer and dryer 
Cushy rugs!

As part of the remodel, we have already removed the carpet and plan on adding LVP throughout. The shower area needs a complete overhaul, but the water closet just needs a few touchups. We'll add mini-splits, instead of window units and propane heaters, for efficiency and safety. Adding energy-efficient windows and a little insulation in the walls would be helpful, too. 

If you know a flooring/tile "guy", electrician, or AC person that would be willing to donate some time, let them know what's going on. If you have some supplies for any of the above "guys", the Dickson's would greatly appreciate the help! 

Currently the space is free. As New Journey grows and can comfortably afford it, The Hive will be leased at cost (taxes and utilities) but never for a profit. Thank you for contributing as we move into this next phase of our project. Every little bit is truly humbling and appreciated.