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Through Ninja Kids, I aim to make each child self-assured, capable of making decisions, and stronger in order to face problems in life. Ninpou as an educational tool, provides more than discipline, knowledge, and physical skills. Ninpou comes from the Ninja; Ninpou goes beyond physical and mental skills.

Through following this curriculum, which is specially adapted for home study, I try to provide students (both parents, instructors, and children) with a 1st degree Black Belt level (shodan).

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who wants to study Ninpo in their own house, parks, … at their own pace and rhythm. It is mainly meant for homeschooling kids, and I am now working to provide some type of official recognition in the US by educational authorities. I will provide a Black Belt certificate from my dojo after the full curriculum is covered and tests are passed ( anywhere from 2 to 5 years ).

I value individuality, Freedom and Justice. I speak four languages, have lived in five countries, and see life from a different (not better or worse) perspective than most people, not only because of my international experience but also because of the life I've lived so far. I share some of my knowledge and experience that I believe may be useful to you—quality before quantity.

There are and will be some variations in video lengths and formats; this until I'm able to start delivering the 1st trimester of the Shodan '1st Dan Black Belt' curricula. Sorry for the delay; please watch the video.

Free weekly videos:

More free content:

I am now struggling with basic living; my actual only source of income was suspended, and I am looking for temporary and long-term solutions. Sometimes things happen for the best! Videos will continue to be uploaded every week.

Yours in Christ and in Ninpo

rick Sensei, 10th Dan.


March Total Expenses - Thank you!
April 1, 2024
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Funds Received!!
March 25, 2024
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Violence is the last of the last resorts. We must always try to find a way for peace while meeting our goals and objectives; these must be free of greed. Personal protection starts with our words and actions.

I train and teach to protect the weak, old, ill as well as my Loved ones as well as myself. My main goal is to survive, if I survive then I can bring back home food for my little one and continue with my present mission; I want to share my experience and knowledge to good people, Christian families.

As a child, I was weak and shy. Bullies would hit me and I would ask then to please stop, some would laugh and hit harder. Christ taught us to forgive, I have forgiven but have never forgotten what bad people have done to others and me.

Follow my work:

and if you may, please donate to our project

I thank @GiveSendGo @LalasoobieKat and @GiveSendGo_Charities for helping me through these very difficult past weeks. Yesterday I received funds for my campaign. Today, my little girl and me have celebrated with a delicious home made lunch and today will sleep better. Thank you all!!

March 20, 2024
March 20, 2024
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Jesus took him by the hand, and he was healed (Mark 9:27). Jesus, who calls himself “the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25), brings life and healing to children.

With the 2 donations so far, we have enough to ride the storm out (this month) and continue with monthly videos + continue working on curricula. We are on:

UGETube free lesson videos:

Truth Social:


Seems I'm getting my sick leave temp. 'pension' re-established, please pray for my mission, students and familes, full recovery but above all pray for the children now beinbg held captive and for those that rescue them.

Child abuse (in any way or form) must punished with the hardest convictions and sentences.

Almost half of all sexual abuse victims are children: 15 percent of sexual assault victims are under age twelve, and 29 percent are ages twelve to seventeen.

We will continue campaign, any donation above 30 dollars can claim one of my books or in case above 50 can claim a t-shirt.

rick, 10th Dan - THANK YOU!!


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