Co-Publish Nick Vujicic's Next Book, "12 Keys to a Full Life"

"Gifting the World Hope Project is something that has been on my heart for quite some time now. This book project will share my 12 keys to a full life and pass on the universal principals of resilience, courage and faith. Our mission with this special project is to equip the entire world for survival in difficult times. But here's what's different about this book – it will be available in eBook, audio, and video formats and translated in up to 66 different NO COST to anyone who wants it. Can you imagine the impact that we can make!?" – Nick V.

I need your help. The only way to make this book available FREE is through donations from people like you who share my compassion for the hurting. This "pay-it-forward" project is your way to give the gift of hope on a global scale like it's never been done before. You can literally Gift the World Hope!

Your donation of any amount will help give life-changing hope and encouragement to MILLIONS around the world! Every dollar raised means more languages. The more languages, the more people we'll be able to help with this book. Just think of how many lives will be touched. Here's what your donation would mean:

$25 gives one person access to the book...

$50 shares two books...

$100 shares four books...

In my travels to more than 80 countries, I've seen firsthand how desperately the people of our world need hope. My first book in nearly 10 years, I'll dig deep into how the recent years affected me and how I found the strength to keep going. I will outline the universal principles and backbone of my resilience, courage and faith. Not just keys to survive though difficult times, but keys to reframing the challenge of life itself.

Take a sneak peek at what's in each chapter:

FAITH – What is faith? What is truth? What are the fundamental beliefs of our existence, purpose and ability to see ahead what we cannot see now?

GRATITUDE – The world doesn't give you what you want, when you want it, or how you want it. Gratitude unlocks the ability to reflect, process, and be present, enabling you to be truly happy.

HUMILITY – It's the foundation of one who never stops learning. It crosses boundaries into relationships, family, teamwork, and every other facet of a human being.

PERSISTENCE – How do you get the drive to continue to be persistent toward your goals in all areas of your life if you don't feel like trying anymore?

PERSPECTIVE – I see challenges as the perspectives of life, purpose, and the meaning behind what you do and why you do it.

VISION – Goal setting and a purpose-filled life start with a vision. My step-by-step process outlines exactly how I run at the pace I do while staying in a healthy balance.

COURAGE – How do you become courageous? In which areas do you need courage? I will lead you through a discovery process of how to unlock the courage to reach your full potential. 

DISCIPLINE – I'll unpack what discipline looks like in daily life, why it is one of the most critical keys of all, and how you can reframe it from "boring" to almost a subconscious lifestyle and mentality.

TEAM – I'll be the first one to echo the importance of having a team around you – from leadership to co-serving, to transactional and servanthood.

PATIENCE – Whether it's marriage, having a family, starting or running a business, investing, building teams or fulfilling your dreams, patience is a key that reminds us that it's worth the wait.

GENEROSITY – In this chapter, I will define why we, as human beings, may find a cure for our depression with three game-changing pillars that include generosity.

LEGACY – This explains the reasoning of life itself – our identity, self-worth, purpose, hopes and dreams. I want to help others discover a higher level of understanding into who they are and how they are remembered.

Please come alongside me on this journey as a co-publisher of the Gifting the World Hope Project and make it possible for this book to be available electronically, for free, in up to 66 languages so that more people can run toward the full life waiting for them NOW!! Your support will change millions of lives.

(Your support will NOT be a tax-deductible contribution.)