NH Voter Integrity Securing New Hampshire's Future

Campaign Created by: NH Voter Integrity Group

The funds from this campaign will be received by Marylyn Todd.

Goal : USD $15,000
Raised : USD $4,285

NH Voter Integrity Group is a non-partisan group founded in February 2021 by New Hampshire resident and veteran, Marylyn Todd.  What started as a movement concerning the Windham NH 2020 election discrepancy, has evolved into a crusade. 

Residents from across New Hampshire, and surrounding states, have come together to rally behind their Windham brothers and sisters. Fully aware what happened in Windham could have- and may have- happened in their town, residents have united with one common goal: Restoring NH Election Integrity.

Our first fundraiser, which raised money to hire an independent forensic auditor and attorneys, was a huge success and we owe it to so many people from all over the world! You can find updates on the status of the forensic audit on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nhvoterintegrity 

This fundraiser is for the continuation of the work we have started and to help pivot towards the future.  The forensic audit is only the beginning.  We need to continue to rally and educate, bringing awareness to the public regarding the credibility of the machines most of our state uses in elections. We cannot do that without a little bit of help.

Your generous donations will be used for the creation and distribution of educational materials, marketing, informative events, and additional items of the like.

We are going to bring election integrity back to our state, one town at a time.


Update #1
December 3, 2021
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We need to raise $3000 more for a documentary for New Hampshire!! The documentary in total will cost $30,000 and this is with all expenses.


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