We made it to Red Oak! 

First, thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support we have received so far.  From our friends and family back in California and those who have been part of the journey on social media to those of our new community here in Iowa, you all have impacted our family so very much and we wouldn't have made it this far without you.

This move has been tough.  Leaving our family was, of course, hard as we set out on this new adventure.  We anticipated that part.  We we didn't plan on was how far over budget the move would end up.  At first the moving service was providing a decent rate for our move (well... decent for how expensive it is to move out of California).  Before leaving we reevaluated how much space we would need on the truck.  The cost went up.  A lot.

When the truck arrived, we quickly filled the space we had been given and had to start making some hard choices about what to take or leave.  Every additional cubic foot on the truck cost us $9.  Matt basically walked though the remaining furniture in the house to figure out if it was cheaper to ship or repurchase whatever was left. 

A lot of our furniture didn't make the trip.

When the truck left we still had a house full of stuff that would either be loaded into the minivan or thrown out.

Loading the minivan was a challenge.  Matt was able to get it packed so tight that there was not a square inch wasted.  Of course, that meant that the car was overloaded.  The minivan looked like a a lowrider with the back end nearly on the ground.  Great for cruising around Salinas but not so hot for an 1,800 mile drive across 6 states and two mountain ranges.

More things got left behind.

This round of our things to leave included a lot of our kitchen.

So here we are.  An empty house (at the time of writing we are still waiting for the moving truck to arrive) and an empty bakery.

How you can help

We're hitting the ground running with participating in the Red Oak Farmer's Market while we get the bakery set.  It's been really great to meet so many people in town and to start building interest in the bakery.  A lot of people are excited about us opening.  Actually, everyone in town is talking about it now.

The downside to this quick start is that it cost a lot to get there.  Flour is expensive.  Setting up a booth and re-purchasing displays is expensive.  It won't be so bad once we're set up but it hurts the first few times.

We're trying to balance buying a few things for our home as well as funding the business (on a very limited budget).

This is where we could use your help!

Interest is growing fast in town.  We have a venue for selling our breads and treats now multiple days per week.  What we need now is help buying the supplies to meet our initial demand.

Here's what any of your contributions will go towards:

  • Essential ingredients (flour, salt, butter, sugar etc)
  • Materials to make our farmer's market booth displays (basically wood and nails)
  • A few tools for building (a small saw and sander)
  • Outreach materials (flyers, business cards, stickers)

All of these are the immediate needs for the business and will help us right now!

Thank you all once again for all of the help!  We either miss you or are glad to meet you (depending on if you're here or there).