Peter Navarro is a brave and dedicated American patriot who deserves a medal for his distinguished White House public service.  Instead, they put Peter Navarro in leg irons -- and now they not only want to put Peter in prison.  They want to put Donald Trump himself behind bars.

This is outrageous, and you help Peter by contributing to his legal defense fund.  Please $10, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford.  Peter deserves our support.

During his four years in the White House, Peter Navarro was one of Donald Trump’s most trusted and loyal advisors. As the top China Hawk in the White House, Peter not only saved thousands of factories and helped create thousands of manufacturing jobs.  During the pandemic as the Defense Production Act Policy Coordinator, Peter Navarro helped save hundreds of thousands of American lives.   

Why do Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden want to put Peter Navarro in prison now?  Because Peter is standing up to a Kangaroo Congressional Committee and standing tall for our Constitution, President Trump, and our country. 

The so-called January 6 Committee that wants to jail Peter Navarro has a much bigger target.  That Kangaroo Committee of seven Democrat partisans who first pushed a now discredited Russia Hoax wants nothing more nor less than to put Donald Trump himself in prison – and thereby keep Trump from winning back the White House in 2024.   

Help Peter fight back by giving right now to his legal defense fund.  So yes, please send $10, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford.

If they can come for Peter Navarro and Donald Trump, they can come for all of us.  


They say you are innocent until you are proven guilty in America. That’s no longer true. Not in Joe Biden's two-tier system of injustice where violent felons go free and illegal aliens pour across our borders while former senior White House advisors who served so honorably are ambushed by armed FBI agents and stripped of their constitutional rights. 

In a civilized, non-partisan America, the FBI would have allowed Peter to voluntarily surrender – and it would have been very simple because Peter literally lives within 50 yards of the FBI. 

Instead, an armed squad of FBI agents surveilled Peter to Reagan National Airport on June 3rd, 2020, ambushed him in a jetway, refused his request to phone for legal advice, and then whisked him away for a strip search and leg irons. 

As Peter sat for hours in the same jailcell John Hinckley once occupied for shooting a president, Peter was not allowed to contact an attorney.  Meanwhile, the Biden regime’s gendarmes leaked the news of this public spectacle to the press – all in their shameless effort to try and humiliate and coerce Peter Navarro into submitting to their illegal will. 

Peter is having none of that.  He will continue to stand up for the Constitution and his Commander in Chief.  

In a civil suit Peter filed just days before his brutal arrest, Peter raised key constitutional issues that range from the illegal weaponization of Congress’ investigatory powers and its attendant violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers to the Constitution’s proscription against bills of attainder and the sanctity of executive privilege. 

Peter’s ultimate mission is to get these critical legal controversies to the Supreme Court and thereby put an end to the Democrat’s tyranny.  So please give whatever you can afford. Peter needs your help today!