This fundraiser is the legal defense fund for Nathan Hughes for charges brought against him by the US Government for January 6th, 2021 at the US Capitol. Many of you know what happened to him and I am organizing and running this fundraiser for him. 100% of proceeds go to Nathan. 

A note from Nathan:
"On the morning of August 30th 2023, I was swarmed by 3 vehicles of heavily armed FBI agents and arrested with rifles pointed at me. I was booked and taken to a government facility where they made me give them DNA samples.

At the same time, my home was raided by 10+ vehicles filled with armed FBI agents. They ordered my girlfriend Taylor out of the house with her hands up and had rifles pointed at her too. They put her in handcuffs, unplugged our home security cameras, and turned our house upside down searching it. A bunch of stuff from electronics to clothes was taken and we can’t find one of our security cams. They called the manufacturer of my Liberty Safe, got the pass code from them, and got into it too. Thank God our dogs weren't harmed.

I was released with a GPS tracking ankle monitor and can’t leave Northwest Arkansas.

I can’t talk about the case (it’s from January 6th 2021 at the Capitol), but I can say there are many things out there that paint me as violent anti-American domestic terrorist…and I wholeheartedly am NOT that.

I’ve got a long legal journey ahead now and will face this head on and post updates. Thank y’all for your support."

Video of the FBI arrest:

Many of you know Nathan and know that he is a freedom loving American Patriot. I stand by him 100%. Legal defense fees for January 6th charges are well over 6-figures and any donation is greatly appreciated. We can't thank you enough for your support.

- Taylor