N4mation.org was founded in early 2015 to serve as a Hub for Independent News & Dialogue, in order to allow free and uninhibited debate on every issue of importance to independent American voters and their families. The N4mation.org platform was censored, abused and crushed by dark forces for reporting on green policies, and I was made to pay a heavy price for my efforts. This required a complete rebuild of the platform from scratch, and bringing N4mation.org out as a for-profit business model to continue the mission of educating citizens and organizing activist. 

We are raising money to help fund this organization so we can continue to concentrate on serving news, and issuing calls to action in support of the America First movement. We will help facilitate an open and robust debate on the issues impacting the lives and livelihoods in every community, and encourage citizens to run for offices and engage in civic activism at every level. There is a real need to build staff, develop the discussion forums, and build a directory of good organizations. The goal is to create new tools for citizens to do business with American enterprises that support the Judeo/Christian values embedded in our US Constitution. Please get involved!