Hi, I'm Annette, who runs the My Pride and Ducks Tiktok and Instagram accounts. I live in a rural area in NSW Australia near an area with a stray cat epidemic. Many of these cats live in farm sheds and are breeding out of control. Since 2017 I have been desexing, rescuing, socialising, and rehoming stray cats and kittens from this area, after reaching out to cat rescue groups and realising that the problem is so out of control that they, combined, can't even touch the sides of it. I relocated many of them to my property (currently 28) and I have re-homed/ returned many more. There is an endless stream of cats that keep showing up in these colonies that I am always staying on top of to the best of my ability. This has been a very exhausting and financially draining task that has totally consumed my life and I need all the help I can get. The food and vet bills are a constant expense and at this point we are about 4 months away from our next winter and I desperately need solutions for my colony to keep them warm and dry, as for years I have not even had a kitchen hygienic enough during the winter to cook and prepare my own food (I have a cat flap in the door that they use to enter the house when they need to stay warm and dry). Luckily I have had parents and relatives who have been financially helping me to keep them fed as they are all aware of the pressure I am under. 

Any help would be appreciated.