Funds to publish my first children’s book

Campaign Created by: Monica Jarvis

Goal : USD $2,500
Raised : USD $ 1,200

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Greetings prospective supporters,
        I am publishing my 1st children’s book. It is a reflection of the love of a grandmother in the lives of her grandchild. It’s called “Grandma’s Love.” 
        We can all relate to Grandma’s  Love in one way or another, this book serves as a loving tribute to grandmother’s everywhere.
        My initial investment in the publishing of this children’s book with illustrations comes to approximately $2500.00
         As reflected in my donations so far, I’ve received $935.00 of the desired total of $2500.00 in the campaign period between July 9th 2019 through September 9th 2019. In the extension of the campaign to November 9th, I have received trickles of support, that is appreciated. I am extending the campaign to December 15th 2019 during the season of giving to extend to an opportunity an audience to whom I have not reached out to give into this fundraising campaign toward the publishing of a book that will surely be a blessing to families everywhere.
          If 35 people are willing to give $45.00 toward the publishing of this book, in the campaign period between November 6th 2019 and December 15th 2019, I can fulfill the initial cost to start publishing and get the process going. As an expression of my appreciation I will give a complimentary signed copy to all who fulfill this campaign effort.
         Thank you in advance for your support.

Monica Jarvis


Extending the fundraising campaign window
August 22, 2019
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Greetings Supporters and potential supporters,
        I am grateful for the generous support of my efforts to publish my 1st children’s book. So far through your generous giving, $835.00 has been raised toward the publication of this book. I am extending the campaign window to November 9th 2019 to raise the balance of $1665.00 to get this book to production. Thank you in advance for your generous support to get this book to production! 

With warmest regards,
Monica Jarvis

Update #1
July 30, 2019
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      I just want to say thank you again to all my generous supporters. I’ve received $765.00 in donations toward the publishing of the book so far with several promises to support within the campaign window. 
     I am so grateful for your confidence and encouragement.  
      We’ll start to work on the illustration layout as soon as I can get the down payment to the publishing company. 
        Thank you for helping to make a dream come true that will bless the lives of many readers.

Multiplied blessings to you all!

Warm regards,
Monica Jarvis


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