Lifework Leadership is a faith-based leadership development program that focuses on Transforming Leaders to Transform the City. Through this program, we wanted to live out the business model that we were teaching, and in 2019 we launched our first Redemptive Entreprenurial endeavor; Cup of Jōb.

Cup of Jōb is a Christian coffee house in the heart of the city that runs predominately from volunteers and partners with the Beaches Rescue and Recovery to employ the homeless. We have worked with over 15 homeless disciples within the past few years. This non-profit coffee house was started entirely from donations and has truly transformed the city.

We have been given the opportunity to expand this model in the nearby community of Murray Hill, Jacksonville, FL. We are working with another LIfework alumni and will focus on employing women and girls who are coming out of broken, harmful, and sexual environments. We will employ these girls straight from 2 of our Lifework alumni non-profits; Girls of Virtue and Hadassah's Hope.

We have 6 weeks to raise the money and open this shop....we are trusting God to do "immeasurably more than all we can even imagine." 

Will you consider helping us?

Thank you for helping us advance the cause of Christ by Seeking Jesus, Serving Others...One Sip at a Time.

Cup of Jōb - Seek. Serve....Sip!

Dr. Tammie McClafferty CEO of LIfework Leadership First Coast