I am raising funds for my Attorney General of Wisconsin race.  I have decided to throw my hat in the "ring" because of all of the people that have called me at my public interest law firm begging for help because they believed that their loved ones were being murdered in hospitals or already had been murdered by withholding treatments that could have helped them and then instead gave their loved ones dangerous drugs when they already had COVID pneumonia.  I am also running to stop the use of the  "frankenshots" in the State of Wisconsin. These bioweapon jabs have already killed and injured a minimum of 25,000 people throughout the United States and is more likely to be closer to 200,000 plus several million injured.   I am running to give those families a voice now and to open investigations into these deaths if I am elected in order to seek justice for them.   I am also running to hold people accountable for the election law violations and fraud that made it possible to steal the 2020 election and to make these alleged homicides possible.