Miracles still happen and it’s time for these stories to be shared. We have interviewed ordinary people who have had extraordinary encounters with God. These incredible stories will give others hope, faith, and a more positive outlook on life. Our goal is to tell these amazing stories in a creative way. We are producing a dramatic anthology TV series that brings these true stories to life. Our audience won’t just hear the story in an interview; they will see it played out on screen. Each episode will be a dramatized version of the subject's emotional real-life journey culminating in God's miracle and the impact it had on their life. The message will be clear: the same God from our Bible not only lives inside of us today, but He is still very active in our lives and He desires to heal us, protect us, restore us, and give us encounters with His presence.

As an added bonus, viewers will be able to engage with the stories further by watching the actual interviews with the real subjects in our MSW app available to download and/or on our website.

We invite you to partner with us on this journey by donating to this project. The proceeds will help us film our pilot and first season episodes. There are countless stories waiting to be told. Will you help us spread the good news?

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