Mr. William Short is a man who had recently gone through the pain of losing his wife, then developed cancer, which caused him to drop his home owners insurance. While he was struggling to pay for bills when his home was flooded in the fall of 2021 and he lost all hope.

However, as Christmas approached a glimmer of hope was restored as a group of churches and community volunteers gathered to start the process of repairing the damage done to his home from the flooding. While the labor has been donated, the cost for materials is extensive (new drywall, flooring, insulation, electrical work, foundation rebuilt and made to resist future flooding).

Your gift will help MR WILLIAM not only regain hope, but be able to move back into his family home. 100% of you gifts will be tax deductible through a pawnshop with Grace Seaford Church and 100% will go to this reconstruction effort. Thank you for your partnership to rebuild this man's home and hope!